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Untitled Story No. 11

Glasgow, Scotland
January 1999

My parents live in two old houses knocked together in a small village in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. When they moved in we all noticed a strange feeling in the house, not in anyway hostile or frightening, just unusual. Things really started to get strange after I moved away to go to university. My mum kept catching sight of something just at the corner of her eye and they noticed that each evening during the winter months that the lounge (which used to be the bar of the local inn) developed a very strong smell of flowers at exactly 9pm. My mum also noticed that our 6 cats seemed to stare at the corner of the room, strange because there is nothing there!

The crunch came just after Christmas 97, I was away studying but received a call from my mum telling me that my father had seen a ghost. Now my father is an ex RAF policeman and doesn't have any belief in ghosts or anything like that. But he told my mum that at 3am he had gone out of the bedroom and he had seen an elderly lady standing the doorway to my room (which is just across the hall). The weird thing is that he said that the figure had looked so natural that it hadn't occurred to my father that she shouldn't have been there until he was halfway down the stairs. He said that the hair on the back of his neck stood on end and he span round to get a second look. He saw the figure still standing there, she smiled, turned and faded away.

Weird stuff is still happening at my parents house, heaters still turn themselves up, things go missing and reappear in the strangest places but nothing bad ever happens.

Dad isn't the only one who has seen the old lady who shares my parents house. A friend of mine's 2 year old son was putting his coat on in the hallway in the house when he became very excited. He wasn't able to speak very well but he was pointing into a corner and jumping up and down, gibbering away in his baby language. Afterwards his mother translated for me, he had been shouting "Look at the funny lady!"

Glasgow, Scotland
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