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Untitled Story No. 14

Roger Wilson, Ohio, USA
January 1999

About 5 years ago I was at home watching Star Trek , It was getting late. I decided to set the timer on the TV and watch it until I fell asleep. I was on my couch in the living room, when I suddenly woke up. I was wide awake for no reason. All the lights were out. The light from the gas stove was enough to illuminate the room. In the floor about five feet from me was a black woman. I don't know if she was kneeling or coming up out of the floor, but she began to float toward me. My first thought was that we were being robbed. I jumped to my feet and began to yell, hoping to wake everyone. As soon as I did this she disappeared. My family came running in, and found me white as a sheet and huddled in the corner. It was 15 minutes before I could breathe well enough to tell them what had happened.
To this day I have no idea what it was. It never came back again. When this event happened I was 21 years old.

Roger Wilson, Ohio, USA
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