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Untitled Story No. 16

Wendy Wendel, Idaho, USA
February 1999

My story takes place about 20 years ago, and continued for several years after it started. It all took place in a "new" house that my father had bought after a recent divorce in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I did not notice anything different about this house until my father remarried. Not to say that this has anything to do with it. I inherited a step brother from this union and both he and myself had experienced these strange happenings.

I am not quite sure what the first sign was, but the one I remember to have started it all was the blood marks we would find in the bath tub in the mornings. This had happened for several mornings then would go away and then reappear after several weeks. Then shortly after all of this was happening we noticed (and I know this will sound weird) bloody foot prints, as if from an animal ( we had 2 cats and a dog) starting at the beginning of the hallway and ending at the opening to my parents bedroom closet. We checked the animals and none had any cuts or scraps from which the blood had come. We tried for quite a few days to scrub up the blood marks, with no luck. Then all of a sudden they were gone as quickly as they had appeared.

We went on through the years with several incidents much like the ones that I have already described. There was a time several years later when my step mother was terminally ill and I was dating my future husband that we had another incident, one we had not had before.

My future husband never believed any of the stories that I had told him but he got a first hand experience for this one.

Let me explain a little about our house. My brothers room was next door to mine, and mine was now the room that used to be my parents (remember the closet). My bothers door was broken so every time he opened it the wood would stick and you would know he was leaving. Also, my step mother was very sick and did not move very fast. Now let me tell you why this was so important for you to know. While my husband-to-be and I were watching T.V. in my bedroom we heard a loud knock on my bedroom door, we both heard it, and it was clearly my door. If it had been my brother we would have heard his door, my mother would have still been in the hallway, and if it were my father trust me, he would have still been standing there. But, when we opened, maybe 3 seconds later, nobody was there. Needless to say my loving husband-to-be left shortly after that (it didn't scare him away to bad we have been married for almost 12 years).

As time went on my brother got married, and moved around the corner and my step mother past away. My Father remarried, and all seemed fine. Until the beginning of 1987 I had gone home with my boyfriend (where he proposed) and when I got back the next day my parents left for vacation leaving me alone in the house. Nothing had happened for a good 6-7 months so I didn't think anything of it. So here I am all alone. I decided to take a bath (which I never do when I am alone don't ask me why). While I was in the tub I heard a piece of silverware hit the floor in the kitchen. I shot out of the bathtub and ran to the kitchen to find nothing on the floor and the butter knife I had used to make a sandwich with earlier right where I left it. I immediately called my brother who came over right way with his dog and searched the house. They found nothing. Well, I locked myself in my room turned on my t.v. and hoped I would make it through the night. Now even I have a hard time explaining this, I don't know if I scared myself so bad or what but this is what happened next.

I woke up sometime in the middle of the night to find a figure standing next to me, it was tall and was wearing a red and white checked shirt. I stared for a few minutes and then it was gone. For some very strange reason I went right back to sleep. Then we had another break in the action for about 8-9 months. My step mother came to my door and asked if I had just knocked on her door and I had told her "no" then I explained the incident that I had had about 1 year earlier we both had a good shiver and that was the last thing that had ever happened to us.

My parents have since moved out of that house, not because of the things that had gone on. Not many people believe these stories but they are true, I lived them and they still give me goosebumps thinking about them.

Wendy Wendel, Idaho, USA
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