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Untitled Story No. 19

California, USA
March 1999

Iwrote another story before this one and I want to write this other one about my school. trust me these encounters are real.

I am in band at my school. The room is blue and its painted with like a mural around the walls. If you go towards the farthest wall from the door you will find a door to a little room. One day after school i was in the room practicing the flute because that's what i play. My band teacher went out to the office for a while but he would be back. So i started playing and it got kind of cold. So i put my sweater on and while i was putting my sweater on i heard this tapping. Now everyone has heard this tapping before. We always try to ask our teacher but he says it isn't a good story for everyone to hear. I got kind of scared and so i was about to leave when my teacher came in and i decided not to leave anymore because he was there and with one of my other friends too. I asked him once more about that noise. He told me that he was not supposed to tell about any of the things that happened back in World War 2 at our school. But he told my friend and I.

Back in the day there was a guy who went into that room and he was practicing his instrument. Well he fell asleep in that room. There were some people in the base that he was rivals with. When they found him they locked him in there. They were cleaning out the room when they found him sleeping in the little room in the back. So after they finished cleaning up they were packing up stuff to move on out of there, because they were closing the base.

The guy in the closet woke up and he started yelling and screaming. Later in the day one of the guys who was in there earlier came in because he left something in there. This guy happened to be a former teacher at our school who then provided us with all this information. He heard the guy in the closet start to tap on the wall. He told him to knock it off but he didn't say anything. So he went back to get the other guys and they heard the tapping. They didn't care so they just left him there. When the rooms were being checked they found this guy and he was dead already. So they took him away. i didn't ask what happened to him. Well when this guy came back from the army he came to teach at my school. This was also the first year my band teacher came. They both taught one class. One day he heard this tapping noise too, and he knew where it was from. That's how my band teacher found out about all those stories. It was really weird. it might not make any sense but it really creeped me out.

Until now we still hear those tapping noises. The noises also go to the beat of the music if I haven't mentioned that yet.

California, USA
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