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Untitled Story No.12

Nevada, USA
January 1999

My encounter with a ghost happened when I was about 11 years old. My Father had flown down to Nevada while my Mother and I were at home up in Washington. My Mother And I were in the back bedroom cleaning up, ( We had company the night before ) and then we heard a noise. At this time we did not have any pets, and it was just the two of us there at home. I looked over at my Mom who was across the bed and she glanced back at me, we heard the noise again and the two of us looked towards the door. There stood an outline of a man, the outline was a dark blurry kind of gray, and he seemed to sway from side to side. I was feeling really tense and a little scared, but I had no idea what my mom was feeling, I was just about to say " Do you see what I see?" when this ghost floated towards the middle of the room and disappeared. After The thing had disappeared, my mother went over to the spot where it was and she knelt down to feel the rug, " Its warm, come here and feel this" I went over and knelt down to feel the carpet and it was warm, I felt a tingling in my finger tips. I got really scared and bolted out of the room.

A week later when my father returned, we told him what happened. He just looked at us and told us that the apartments that we were in were built over where an old jail was, and they had killed people in this jail.

When we moved down to Nevada the following year, I was not sad to see us leaving the apartment.

Nevada, USA
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