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Rafael Ortega, Nevada, USA
January 2004

This story is the most supernatural story I have ever heard, since it happened in my family. What happened in this event was all true because it was told from my mother from my aunt.

A couple years ago (2 and a half to be exact) when my grandmother was dying she left a will to everyone. Jewelry to my mother, some paintings and other stuff, and my aunt received my grandmothers favorite possession, a doll.

It was an Madam Alexander doll made in 1939. Well, anyways that doll was my grandmother's favorite doll in the hole world, when she gave it to my aunt she told her to treat it like if it was her own child.

After my grandmother died my aunt received the doll. She put it in her living room cabinet. After a while she just never took care of the doll and just left it in the cabinet for years. Then, one day, my aunt's apartment caught on fire. It was a huge fire that started at the neighbors apartment. It was so bad that when the firefighters got there, my aunt and cousins got out of the apartment with nothing in their hands, it was all burned down in the fire.

As the firefighters put out all the flames they found nothing that survived the fire. All possessions were gone.
Then, one firefighter found something in the rubble. The most weirdest thing; the firefighter found the doll, and it was untouched. Everything around the doll was burnt to ashes. The doll was unscratched, not even a burn spot on the doll, not even the hair on the doll was burned. The cabinet itself was burnt down.

The firefighter gave it to my aunt and even he said that was a little strange. So, now my aunt is living somewhere else with only one thing that they could bring with them. The doll that survived the fire.

Rafael Ortega, Nevada, USA
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