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Unwanted Gift

Misty, Texas, USA
November 1997

Ihave always had a problem. Sometimes I hear voices from no (living) body, and see really strange things. But the trouble really started when we first moved into a rented house in Rice. From the very first day, I knew it was different. The first thing I saw was an old women standing at the end of the hall. I was going to get my sister, when I saw the lady I freaked. I got my sister and we went back to the living room, the food our Aunt had brought us for lunch had been thrown all over the room. Our pets were still at the other house at this time. Most of the things I saw involved a lady in white and a little boy in blue knickers. A few months later, while walking into my room, I saw my dog with this pure look of joy on her face. I concentrated harder and saw the boy petting her.

After we moved out, I discussed it with my Mom and the being she claims to have seen looked fit, the same description as the ones I had seen, with exception of the old school marm. But her stories don't nearly reach the number and unexplainability as mine. Even now I find myself still hearing these voices and seeing unexplainable phenomenon. Our town was supposedly built on a certain tribes resting place. My friend claims, according to some Native American beliefs, I have a gift which brings me mentally closer to the spiritual plane. But this is a gift I don't want. I wish I could give it back.

Misty, Texas, USA
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