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Unwelcome Home

January 2004

I came upon this site 2 years ago and thought I'd share a little story with you, not very scary, but...interesting.

My boyfriend, our 3 sons and I live alone in a 2 story house. It was about 5 years ago, my oldest son (who was just a few months old then) and I had just gotten home from visiting a friend. I carried my son inside while he was still in his car seat (because I didn't want to wake him) and placed him in the middle of the floor in our living room. Just the two of us were home, my boyfriend was away working.

I went downstairs to grab some clothes from the dryer when I heard a big bang from upstairs where my son was, I went speeding upstairs to see what the noise was and I couldn't find anything that could've fallen from anywhere, and my son was fine and still sleeping in his car seat.
I remember thinking what was that all about? And I started back downstairs when this time I heard a man's voice yell at me from somewhere in the house "what the (bleep)". I just kinda froze for a few seconds, then I ran to grab my son and went and stayed at my parents place for the night.

Every now and then my boyfriend and I can hear little tappings on the floor from downstairs. Not as scary as the first time though.

The Drum

I'm Native Canadian and I don't know if that has anything to do with this story but, when my son was a baby, probably about 9 or 10 months old, my parents had a drum that they used to let him play with. This drum is like the kind people use at Round Dances, or Tea Dances. Every time he played with it, at night I would put him to sleep and he would "wake" up screaming. He wasn't really awake, but he would be stiff and crying and screaming and no matter how hard I tried to wake him up, he wouldn't get up. I tried picking up and comforting him, but he was stiff I couldn't move his arms or anything. It usually lasted about 5-10 minutes then he would just stop crying and go back to bed. That really freaked me out. After that I never let any of my other sons play with that drum.

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