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Unwelcomed Bedmate

Anonymous, CA, USA
October 2017

I would like to begin by explaining that this is a true event that happened to me mid June of 2015.

I had just moved to Victorville, CA to both live with and look after my sisters apartment while she and my niece, stayed in Los Angeles to finish out the remainder of said niece's school year. The entire day I felt like I wasn't alone but, being an unbeliever of ghosts living on this plain of existence, I simply brushed it off as my own increasing loneliness. Because of my ever growing boredom and lack of anything good to watch on tv, I decided to go to sleep at a modest 10 pm.

I experienced an eerie dreamless sleep that kept me on edge the entire time. (Small background about myself, I have a 6th sense that whenever someone enters the room I am asleep in, no matter how silent, I feel their presence and immediately wake up on full alert.) At an unknown hour, I become alerted to the presence of someone in my room so, I open my eyes and without moving my head, I peer straight at my door, which was still closed. Standing at a couple inches taller than my door, is a black figure of a male. The house is locked up tight and, I didn't hear my room-door open so, I'm convinced it's just a shadow... Until he began to move. I followed him with my eyes, all the while remaining perfectly still.

I stay calm. "My mind is playing tricks on me, I am not seeing this!", I think to myself as I close my eyes again. That is when everything became all too real fore, a few short seconds later he reached down and grabbed my left foot. I freeze in place because, this didn't feel like a cold brush of a breeze the way many people experience ghost encounters but, this felt like a real flesh and blood man with warm hands touching my feet. To my credit, I stayed calm, even when I felt him climb on my bed and felt as well as heard the springs give way to his weight. He then began to slowly climb up the length of my body, with his hand inching up, feeling every part of my left side.

I bolt upright but only manage to sit up halfway before he reaches my torso and pushes me back down on the mattress. When he's finally up the full length of my body, he wraps himself around me. This is too much intimacy for me so, I go to push him off with my right hand only to feel... Nothing. But wait, I thought he was a real person? I can feel him so, why can't I touch him myself? Immediately he grabs my wrist and pins it on the bed above my head, and then he presses his cheek against mine and lays with me, just breathing. I am officially panicking but, that doesn't last long because I black out. I fall into what seems like a 5 second dream but, apparently my new bedfellow doesn't like that because he begins to shake me awake. At this time, I'm physically weak, afraid, and shivering from an unexpected coldness which, as expected, is coming from him. I don't know what to do, years of going to church and all scripture and such has escaped me. One finally comes to me after what seems like an eternity and, I begin saying it over and over again. He laughs at me, with a purely male voice. I'm livid, he will not win. My chanting grows unhumanly fast and he says to me in a seductive/laughing voice, "It won't work, you can't win." And once again I blacked out.

I awaken the next morning, having forgotten the entire encounter, and with my body feeling extremely heavy, almost as if I were carrying someone on one side of my body. The day is strange, I feel the presence of someone else but know no one is there. I walk to the kitchen multiple times for water, snacks, food and each time from the corner of my eye I see a tall seemingly male figure standing there but, as soon as I turn to look I find no one is there. Eventually, I go to settle in the living room for some tv time. I am unbearably cold, strange for mid June in the high desert so, I retrieve my blanket and, settle on the floor in front of the tv. No use, despite my large fluffy blanket, I am chilled to the bone and some strange figure keeps appearing in my peripheral, watching me. I flip channels until I find the hilarious apocalypse spoof movie "This is the end" on television. Its already been on for a while but, I don't mind. I'm laughing and enjoying myself until the moment Jonah Hills character encounters a demon and is, for all intents and purposes, "Taken advantage of", when the previous night’s encounter comes flooding back to me all at once.

I sit there staring off into space, for gosh knows how long, trying to regain my composure when, I begin to cry. He knows. He knows I remember, he knows he's won so he begins to make everything hard for me. Doors and cabinets begin opening and closing, the faucet turns off and on. I get up to get water to calm myself and, step in a huge puddle that wasn't there, and set my hand on the counter where even more water has been exposed. I call my sister to make sure she will be home because, I am going out of my mind and, thankfully she is on her way. That night, when everyone is asleep, I bless the house. My unwelcomed bedmate hasn't come back since.

Sorry for the long post, I hadn't realized it was such a long story because I'd never written it out before. Also, I know it said no religion but, I couldn't tell the story without those snippets because, it was everything that happened. I would also like to explain, one person has suggested sleep paralysis but, seeing as I was able to move, that idea has been counted out. Another suggested since at the time I was a nearly 25 year old virgin, I was visited by an incubus, and another person confirmed, joking it was there for my virtue. Well I hope you enjoyed.

Anonymous, CA, USA
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