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Vacation in Nevada

Marta Parada, CA, USA
October 2009

My husband, children and I had gone to visit family in Nevada. We spent the day at Lake Tahoe; it was the 4th of July 1994. As my family put us up in their home they didn't have but a 3 bedroom trailer we had used up 2 bedrooms, my husband was in 1 bedroom with our 2 eldest daughters and I were in another bedroom with my 2 month old.

I was given a twin size bed to sleep in that was placed against the wall. I placed the baby closest to the wall so there would not be a chance of her falling. I curled my body around her, with my back to the bedroom door. I figure I had been asleep for a while when I heard a child say "Mommy? Mommy!?"

I quickly turned to the source of the voice and no one was there I sat up in bed and as anyone with children will tell you as soon as you hear the first "mommy" you are awake. Remember my older children were in another room with my husband. After not finding the source of who had called me, I decided to check in on my older girls.

I picked up the baby and made my way slowly into the dark hallway I opened the door to their bedroom and they were all asleep including my husband. I shook him awake and asked him if the girls had gone looking for me. He stated they had not, I said goodnight and walked back. The next morning my husband and my cousin were having breakfast. I got a funny look from them so I asked "What's up?"

They both looked at each other and said "Nothing we were discussing plans for the day."

As the day progressed I kept intercepting looks between them I finally said "OK what's up?" My cousin asked me if I'd gotten up the night before. I told him of hearing someone call me. I waited for him to speak and he basically blurted out that on several occasions he had heard a child giggle and had seen a shadow out of the corner of his eye. He got suspicious and started asking questions from neighbors. He was told that a child had been murdered by the previous owners boyfriend. He had beaten her and caused her death.

Needless to say I was shocked and chilled to the bone and ultimately saddened that this child was more than likely looking for her mother. We left the following day I said, "Goodbye little one."

Marta Parada, CA, USA
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