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Various Spooks

Gemma, Surrey, UK
September 2002

I live in Surrey quite near to Wimbledon in the UK.

What I'm about to tell you is quite a mismatch and in no particular order.

I've never actually seen a ghost, but I know when they are nearby and know of people (friends and relatives) who have seen them.

I have a few stories that I'd like to share.

Most recently, I have a dog called Cain. He's mad, as most dogs are, but at certain times of the year he will bark at "nothing". he finds a spot which is normally floating and it isn't a fly or bug and he will bark and growl menacingly. These certain times of year are on my fathers and one of my cousins birthdays and also on the dates of their passing. My other half (who shall remain nameless) thinks it's just me being over sensitive and making mountains out of molehills but I dismiss that due to the fact that I know and my dog also knows that we are not alone. This also happened at the same times in our old flat with our current dog Cain and also with our old dog that we had.

I have only lived in this flat for just under a year and sometimes I just sense that someone is watching me. It's not a scary feeling, it spooks me a bit but that is all. But one day I was alone whilst my other half was at work and it was just me and Cain and our pet birds, someone rapped on our living room window. Cain went mad, barking and howling and I was scared. I looked outside the window into the garden immediately and no one was there, I checked the bedroom and the back garden. No one was there. When I opened the front door to check the front garden Cain rushed out there growling and barking yet no-one was there. That is the only time I have ever been truely spooked out whilst living here.

When my dads mum was alive, me and my sister sometimes stayed over on a weekend. I didn't hate it as such but I had a very spooky feeling about her house and in particular her spare bedroom. When I was very small I always remember that if I went to the toilet I would always rush down the stairs to the living room, slam the door shut and rest against it out of breath and totally freaked out. I also caught my nan sometimes "talking" to thin air in her kitchen. Perhaps it was her dead husband (my grandad - who died years before I was born).

When my dads sister was in hospital dying from cancer me and my mum went to visit her. She had been in a coma for two days and was obviously going to die very soon. I felt uneasy sitting in the room watching her die with my mum and her two sons and their families. Suddenly my aunt awoke, sat up and looked at me and said "I'm OK Gem", then she went back into her coma and died later that night. She hadn't woken up for two whole days previous to this and I am sure she chose to speak to me to tell me that she would be OK now she was on her way to the spirit plane to meet with my dad (this was long before my nan died - she outlived both her kids).

Also when I was at high school I was friends with a girl called Debbie. Her house was huge and had a granny flat built on the side, a great many of my friends from school had seen her nan in the granny flat after she had died and also seen a lot of weird goings on in that house. I only ever sensed anything and never actually saw her nan but saw many a weird thing like pictures coming off the walls inexplicably and stuff.

Well thanks for listening and feel free to mail me (the 0 in the mail address is a "zero" and not an "o")

Gemma, Surrey, UK
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