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October 2000

For all of those who has lost a most beloved pet. I give you my story of possibilities of reincarnation. But, first I need to give you the "facts" of my own experience on how I belive "Verona"came back to me.

About three months ago I watched a show on fact or fiction involving a couple who lived next door to a family who owned an older male black lab. Every time the couple would drive in their yard the dog would bark at them. (I guess as an act of protecting his turf.) No matter what the couple had tried the dog would continue his barking at them. The couple had split up and the man had been away on a trip for some time. On returning he had received a phone call from his former girlfriend asking him if they could get together for dinner seeing how they had remained fiends he agreed. As they drove into the drive way they saw the old black lab, but this time he wasn't barking. They found this very weird and asked the owner what was wrong with his dog. To their surprise the dog had passed away but was still on guard of his yard.

After seeing this show it brought comfort to me knowing that some how Verona was still with me.

The next morning while I was at a gas station 20 miles from my home helping an employee pumping gas. A white truck pulled in and as I started to go towards it with a doggie treat (which we always have handy at the station) a sensation of disbelief and chills ran through my body. The dog came to the opened window with a wag of the tail and what appeared to be a smile. I must have looked pale because the owner got out of her truck and asked if I was alright. I had tears in my eyes as I looked at the dog and had explained to the owner that I had one that looked exactly like her and that this particular breed was rare in this state.
The markings to the colour were a perfect match for my Verona. When I asked her age the owner replied she is 5 years old. More shock filled my veins, I had put Verona own 5 years earlier for liver cancer.

The owner had also stated that "Brandy" never goes to strangers and that she had not seen her react in such a loving manner towards another person outside of her family. Could it be my "Verona"? Needless to say we have become very good pals!!!!!

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