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Very Old House

Felicia, AK, USA
October 2001

When I was about 15 years old, my family, which consisted of me, my sister, my mother, and my step-father, moved into a very old house. While moving our things into the house I kept getting a weird vibe about the house. I didn't think anything of it because I am the type to let my imagination run wild sometimes. Nothing seemed to happen for about the first few months.

My bedroom and my sister's bedroom were separated by the kitchen. As I mentioned before, this was a very old house. When someone walked across the floor it would slightly shake our microwave cart and the vase on top of the microwave would rattle rather loudly. One night my mom and step-dad were out late and my sister and I were at home alone (which was not unusual). It was time for us to go to bed because it was a school night. I was in bed for about 20 minutes when I heard the vase on top of the microwave start to rattle. I asked my sister if she was out of bed and in the kitchen. She said that she hadn't gotten out of bed at all, then she asked me if I could hear the vase rattling. That question startled me because nobody else was home and the only way that the vase would rattle would be if someone were walking across the kitchen floor. I thought that maybe our dog (Doberman) may be in the kitchen, but then I realized that she was laying in bed with me she too was looking toward the kitchen with her head cocked. I was frozen in terror. I didn't go to sleep until I heard my parents come home. The rattling never stopped until they opened the front door.

Another experience. I had just gotten home from basketball practice and nobody was home. The phone rang, it was my mom, she called to tell me that they would all be home pretty late and to go ahead a make myself something for dinner.

It was already dark outside, and I didn't like the idea of me being alone. I had our dog following me around the house, she was very protective of me and the family. She only barked when there was someone or something in the yard. She never barked at anyone in the house. Well, I was in the kitchen preparing some soup when our dog left and went into the living room. Then all of a sudden, she started growling and barking fiercely. It scared me. I thought that maybe someone had walked into our yard or something so I went into the living room to look out the front door. What I saw next terrified me beyond belief. Our dog was standing on the sofa with her front legs on the back of the sofa. Her nose was flat against the wall. Her hair was standing on end and she hadn't stop barking or growling. She kept moving like she was following something that was darting to get away from her. I ran out of the door and yelled the dogs name. It took three tries before she turned around and ran out the door with me. The whole time she was looking back and growling.

I went over to a friends house and told her what had happened. (She too had experiences in that house). I stayed there with my dog until my mom called to see if I was there. I don't know what was in the house but I never felt comfortable there. There are many other happenings, but it would take many, many pages to share them all.

Thank you for reading my experiences.

Felicia, AK, USA
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