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Very Peculiar Experience

May 2009

I have always experienced paranormal happenings, as ghosts seem to tag along with me when I leave my haunted home and I make ghosts at other places very active compared to usual. I have seen distinct pictures of my deceased grandmother in the clouds, and been grabbed by a cold hand which I believe was trying to pull me to heaven. But those happenings are for a different time, for today I want to share about a strange poltergeist who must be trying to tell me something, using water (or tears).

First, in a room without a leaky roof, I go to sleep after using a tissue, and wake up to my tissue box completely soaked. My mom combed my entire room in a search for a water source, since she doesn't like to believe in things without a explanation. While she looks, she claims to hear a distinct sobbing from in my closet. A few weeks later, after I've forgotten about this incident, I paint a backdrop for an acting club I'm in, and leave it on a floor of a locked room to dry. When I enter the room after unlocking the door, water appears to have been dumped on the backdrop, and a member of my group hears someone sobbing (a tape in the room is reviewed, and nothing shows up, but on the audio, a sobbing)!! In school, I walk around with my friend, let's call her Brittany, all day, as our schedule is virtually the same. In study hall, I take a pencil out of my pencil pouch, completely dry, and draw a picture. When I arrive at my next class, the pencil pouch Brittany just watched me carry directly to class is filled with water! She almost cried with fear, because she's never experienced the paranormal, and was this time the one to hear the crying.

Why have I never heard the crying? Why is water or tears the only symbol, as I haven't been able to find any cases like mine? If you've had a similar experience please post your story as I'd love to hear it!

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