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Vibrating Man

Ashley, Alberta, Canada
November 2007

This story takes place several years ago in 1994 when I was 8 years old and in the 4th grade.

I was friends with a girl named Jen at the time. One weekend Jen had invited me over to her house. When I arrived her mom had forgotten that Jen needed to pick up a prescription. They only had room for two in the car and her mom asked if I would be okay alone for 10 mins. She said that Jens older brother was upstairs in his room if I needed anything. I agreed and they turned the tv on for me. They lived in a four level split and the tv/games room was in the middle floor. (Or the first basement floor) There was about 8 steps between each level. The main floor was the kitchen/living room. The above floor was the bedrooms. The first lower (which is where I was) was the games/tv play room.. And the bottom floor was laundry and a spare bedroom.

Anyway they had a futon as a couch and you could just see the first two steps heading back upstairs. A few moments passed and I heard a shuffling upstairs. I figured it was her brother. I didn't want him to come down and get startled that I was there so I called out. But no one answered. The shuffling stopped and I continued to watch the TV. It then started again. Only louder and angry sounding stomps. He older brother was only 12 and no way could make such heavy footsteps. I figured maybe it was her dad, but her parents were divorced. Again it stopped and I went back to watching tv. Then suddenly it started up again. Only this time stopping slowly down the stairs. Remember I couldn't see all the way up the stairs from where I was. I could only see the bottom. I sat kind of hugging on of the couch pillows. When suddenly a figure of a man came to the bottom of the stairs and stopped. He was either staring right at me or looking past me. He was semi transparent, normally dressed man from this century. But the figure was vibrating. Like he was a picture trying to get in focus. I was too shocked to move, and he suddenly let out a creepy loud moan and flew extremely fast through the wall at the other end of the room.

As soon as he was gone I let out the loudest shriek my lungs would let. Jen and her mom happened to be walking in the door at the time and came running down. Same with her brother who heard the scream. I told them what happened, but they shrugged as said it was my imagination.

After that I was scared to go to my friends house again. A few weeks later in school my friend came up to me all freaked out, and said a vibrating man had appeared to her when she was getting her laundry. It turns out her mom saw it too, before I even did, but didn't want to say anything to scare us. They tried to research the house and talk to neighbors, but no one said anything and there was nothing in the papers that would explain anything. They ended up moving out of that house shortly after.

Ashley, Alberta, Canada
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