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Victorian House

Tara, GA, USA
May 2007

My grandparents live in an old Victorian style house in North Georgia. It is very beautiful. The type of house I dream of having when I buy my own place and have a family. Gorgeous hallways, fireplace in every room, wrap around porch. Everything! Ever since I was little my sister and I would experience strange happenings in the house when we'd go to visit. Drawers opening by themselves, footsteps going up and down the stairs even though no one was at the house. Sounds of music and parties in the downstairs hallway and piano room. There is one specific room in the house that we just refuse to go in. We call it the "Haunted Room". Of course there are reasons as to why we will not enter this room.

When I would sleep over and have to sleep in this room, it would get really cold in there. Cold enough to where you could see your own breath. Late at night you can hear a party going on downstairs. Usually after midnight. Voices, laughter, noises, music, footsteps going up and down the hallway and stairs. I decided to do some research one night and set up a video camera in the main hallway downstairs. I fully charged the video camera and took all necessary precautions for the camera not to run out of battery life. That night I heard the party as I usually do. When I woke the next morning to check out the video tape, I noticed the weirdest thing had happened. The video camera had completely shut off at the time of the activity and turned back on when the activity stopped. I was totally shocked! My grandparents say that they've learned to live with all the activity that happens in the house. Even though a plumber came by to fix the kitchen sink and ran out of the house leaving his tools.

I still visit the house, but I don't stay there anymore.

Tara, GA, USA
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