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Virginia Creeper

Rob, Virginia, USA
October 2003

This experience happened a while ago. I'm thinking fall of 2001 but I’m not really sure.

I live in a house on top of a Mountain deep in the woods in Southwest Virginia in the southern Appalachians and I also work part time in a drug Rehab Center. I mostly work evening and night shift. If you can imagine, working in a place like that really gets to you after a while. So I have sort of a ritual to unwind after a day at work. Ill go into my back yard and listen to my portable CD player, walk around and more or less chain smoke until I can unwind.

One night after a 3:00-11:00pm shift I started my unwinding ritual. The leaves on the trees were turning and the ground was covered in frost with a quarter moon shining down. Overall there was nothing different about that night. It was the same ole "stuff" different day kinda thing. I had been walking around for about an hour or so listening to my CD's when a rush of panic flooded over me. I say flood because I compare it to when you just first jump into a swimming pool on a hot July day. When you’re hot and sweaty and when you hit the cool water your body kinda goes into a temporary shock. My body on this night went into total fear shock!

The only movement I could make was to use my thumb to pause my CD player. I stood there silently for at least 3 or 4 minutes darting my eyes around looking for anything that would show the root of my fear. I could not find anything. Nothing was outta place, nada. I actually started thinking I was having a medical problem. I had thought that the smokes had finally started doing me in, lol.

I had begun to break free of the shock and was making my way to my house when I looked up and seen my dogs. My dogs were two Beagles, and if any of you have Beagles you know how they love to bark. They will bark at anything that crosses into eyesight. The weird thing was though, they weren’t barking. They were afraid. They had their head and should to the ground and were slinking there way to the front of my house as if they had been scolded.

This scared me badly. I knew then it wasn’t just me, therefore it wasn’t medical. There was something out that I could sense but the dogs could smell. I went back into my fear shock.

I stood watching, waiting, and listening. Minutes went by and still nothing. I really felt stupid, kinda like it was when I was real young and thought the sounds of the house settling was something walking on the roof. So I started making my way towards my house. As I was making my way towards the house the absolute most blackest, cruelest, and satanic scream came from my woods about a hundred or so yards away. The sound is indescribable. It was neither high pitched nor low toned but both at the same time. It sounded neither human nor animal either. It was an indescribable sound coming from a faceless entity. Imagine cracking open the roof of hell its self and seeing one of the soul’s burning and hearing the agony of the blistering heat of the flames. That gives you a general idea.

My fear at the point also indescribable. I have been in car wrecks and near car wrecks. I have been shot at and fell from high places. I was also afraid of those things, but this was a whole other kind of fear. It felt like my skin was ice and my blood was boiling. I could have given you an injection with one of the thin hairs on my arm. The scream stopped and after about 5 seconds I broke off running towards my house. As I made my way to my front door, it screamed one last time. Almost to say, " I see you! "

I went into the house laid on the living room floor in a near fetus like position. I laid perfectly still and stayed quite. My Dad was on the couch asleep just about 4 feet away. I didn’t wake him though. The reason I didn’t wake him wasn’t because I was afraid he wouldn’t believe me ( Even though I knew he wouldn’t) but because I was afraid the screaming thing would hear me or see me move. After that night I didn’t go outside for a while. After a few days I got over the scream and started my nightly ritual again.

Just for people’s information. I know this did not scare the hell outta any of you. I also know this is not going to be the "Story Of The Month" winner. Just in case you have ever wondered if there was an actual true story on this web- site I assure you there is now. I’m also sure others are true also. This one though is what happened to me first hand. I’m also VERY sorry with how long it was and how many times I said that I was froze. I felt like the only way to tell a true story is to tell it exactly the way it was.

Rob, Virginia, USA
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