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Vision of Faith

Angela, New Zealand
August 2001

My name is Angela I live on the west side of Hamilton in New Zealand and this is my story.

It was a Friday and I was on my way to see my parents in Moerewa. I am an only child so I got my best freind Kaylie to come so I wouldn't be lonley on the 5 hour drive. Finally we arrived to my parents house and as soon as we got there we both went to sleep. While I was sleeping I suddenly woke up to a creeping sound. I followed the sound but yet I couldn't find anything so I went back to sleep.

I didn't tell my mother what I heard but she knew that something was bothering me the next day.

A few nights later I heard the same thing and suddenly out of the blue I saw this girl standing but my door smiling at me, of course I was scared out of my wits but it didn't bother me much when I saw her smile. I closed my eyes hoping it was just my eyes playing tricks.

The next dayI told mother what had happened to me and what I hand seen and she asked what did this girl look like? At first I was wondering why she wanted to know, and if the same thing had happen to her. I told her she had blonde hair blue/green eyes. My mother looked at me and said do you know who that was? I replied "no I do not! do you know something mother"? she said to me yes that is your sister. My mind just went blank, I didn't know what to say or if to be angry or not.

Later my mother explained everything to me. She was the first born and she would have been 21 the night I saw her. Her name was Tavana and she was born in France, but suddenly died on her 16 birthday in her sleep. I was finally happy for the first time in my life. I knew that I had a big sister looking after me.

Now and then my big sister visits me and on her birthday we have a big party for her to remind as that she is always watching and taking care of my family and I.

Angela, New Zealand
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