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Tony Grove, OK, USA
August 2004

Who ever heard of a physic poolman. I sure hadn't, and if you would have told me it was me I would have laughed in your face. Besides, it only happened this once.

It started normal enough, Mrs Schale called me after I had put flyers up in her neighborhood, She didn't call the day I put them out, it took another customer to convince her that I was actually pretty good with her pool. Anyway, the first time I looked at the pool, I was happy, it was small and had good equipment so I knew it would be easy to clean, I left an estimate, Mrs Schale called me back and agrreed to let me service her pool. I went to clean it the very next day.

I knocked on the door, Mrs Schale answered, She was a very attractive blond woman wearing jeans and a pink shirt. She said she would meet me around back, so I walked around to the backyard and the pool. That is the first time I saw her daughter, a beautiful little blond girl about 4 yrs old, she was singing the ABC song. I got my equipment and started to clean the pool with Mrs Schale and her daughter watching me, I suddenly remembered that Mrs Schale hadn't signed my service agreement, so I excused myself and went to fetch one.

When I handed the agreement to Mrs Schale, I inadvertently touched her hand, I felt a huge shock--as if--I had touched electric wires, except NO pain, I suddenly knew Mrs. Schale's full name, her age, where she was born and how long she had been married. She must have seen the stunned look on my face because she asked if I was alright. I told her I was and went back to cleaning the pool.

Her daughter Amy, was still outside, watching me like I was doing something amazing, instead of just cleaning the pool. She asked dozens of questions, all of which I answered the best I could, seeing her beautiful smile and hearing her laugh, just made me feel fantastic like I was the smartest man alive. 4 yr olds can do that to people, they are just so full of love and curiosity.

Anyway, their phone rang, so Mrs Schale grabbed Amy and went inside, Amy came running back out moments later alone giggling, I asked where mommy was, but could see through the sliding glass door that she was busy writing something with one hand and holding the phone with the other. She turned suddenly, looking for Amy, I pointed to her daughter and gestured that she would be O.k with me. Mrs Schale smiled, I had told her of my own 4 yr old, so I believe she trusted me to keep her daughter safe.

Just about the time I was finishing up, and singing the ABC song with Amy, Mrs Schale came out and said thank you, she had been tied up with an important call. I gathered my equipment together and went to put it in my truck, Mrs Schale called me back to give me my signed service agreement, making sure not to touch my hand.

Here is where it gets weird, Little Amy saw me start to leave, she ran to me and asked if I wanted a goodbye hug, I looked at Mrs Schale, she nodded her head, so I graciously accepted a hug from this beautiful child, that was a mistake, I got the same shock as when I touched her mother, but this one was very unpleasant, I saw her mother and father crying by the pool, then I saw why, Amy-in a pink nightie, floating face down in the pool, she was obviously dead, her skin color was blue. I broke off the hug, I was almost crying, Mrs Schale noticed my condition again, but didn't say anything. I quickly took my agreement back to the truck and left.

I couldn't stop thinking of that vision, that beautiful little girl slowly spinning face down in that pool. was it real? Could I somehow prevent this from happening?

I went home, tried to play on my computer, tried to sit and enjoy being with my own family, no good, I just kept thinking of that little girl. By bedtime I was almost crazy, I lay down, trying to force out the vision, My wife tried to comfort me, but even that wouldn't help. I think I had almost fallen asleep, when I saw the vision again, just as real as if I was standing next to the pool itself, with one small difference, this time, Amy raised her blue face, and spoke to me. She said " please don't let this happen to me"
I jumped out of bed so fast that I got my feet tangled in the blankets and went down face first. I didn't care, I got dressed, kissed my wife and told her I absolutely had to go check that pool.

While driving there the feelings intensified, I had to make sure Amy was not there. When I arrived I parked in the street and ran to the back yard, I had to jump the fence, but did that in a single stride.

No one was in the pool. No parents, no dead little girl. Thank God. now I started to think, I must be crazy, Absolutely bonkers but the feeling that Amy was still in danger wouldn't let me leave, there was only one thing left to do. I must go knock on the door and check. I KNEW doing that would probably get me fired forever from cleaning this pool, but I considered it a small price to pay.

I went up to the door, it had to be midnight by now, got up some courage that I didn't feel, and rang the doorbell. I heard a masculine voice say, "who in the hell comes to visit at this hour", and the door swung open. Inside that door was one of the biggest men I had ever seen in my life, and he looked mad too. I thought--I'm not only going to lose this pool, but maybe my life as well.

The firs thing he said to me was " who the HELL are you and what do you want? I was scared stiff, I tried to answer his question. I'm Tony, your poolman, was all I could get out. I think Mr Schale was just about to pound me when Mrs Schale came to the door, She pushed him aside easily, he left saying, " he was going to call the police. Mrs Schale asked, while rubbing her eyes, "Tony, what is it, why are you here"? That is when I heard the sliding glass door open in the back of the house by the pool, moments later we heard the splash. I ran through their house to the back sliding door, which was partially open. I saw the pool. saw Amy in the pool in her pink nightie and jumped in after her. Mrs Schale was right behind me, but I had her daughter in my arms and was handing her to Mrs Schale when Mr. Schale came out like a bull in heat. He saw Mrs Schale with a wet Amy in her arms--he went over and grabbed me out of the water, he was going to beat me to death right there. Mrs Schale saw what was about to happen and yelled "STOP". "Don't you hurt him, he just saved your daughter's life". Mr. Schale still holding me, nicely set me down.

Mrs Schale ran and got towels and blankets for Amy and me and then started to take Amy inside. Amy said " Mommy wait" and then she ran over and gave me my second hug of the day, a beautiful hug from a small child, she whispered " Thanks poolman" I kissed her cheek and gave her to her mother. Mr Schale looked baffled, "how did you know" he asked, confused. I explained the best I could. I told him the vision I saw when she hugged me the first time. Back in the house, they asked what they could ever do to repay me, they explained, Amy had been sleepwalking since she lost her grandmother a few months before. I didn't want any compensation, and told them so. I did tell them I have kids too, and under opposite circumstances, I hoped, they would do the same for anyone else.

I have received compensation though, once the story got out about how I saved the little girl, I clean--every pool on that block.

Tony Grove, OK, USA
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