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Steve, Victoria, Australia
February 2005

I want to start of by saying that this story, I have only ever told it to a few trusted friends and also it started about 10 years back when I was 12.

One night roughly 4 to 6 months after my Mum, Brother and myself had moved into a rental house, my older bother and I started hearing footsteps go down the hallway from our Mum's room to the lounge room door way which was about 6-8 feet all up. Sometimes when I heard it I would swear that I saw the form or shape of someone or something standing in the doorway of the loungeroom watching me.

One night I had gone to bed and for some unknown reason I opened my eyes to look at the bookcase at the other side of my bedroom to see the silhouette of a man standing there. But the strange thing was I wasn't scared I just rolled over and went to sleep, but I felt it was someone I knew. Now ten years later, a few months back in late 2004 I did a seance with my neighbour and I found out that the spirit that I saw was a visit from my father who has been dead since 1988. And I found out he has been watching over us since his passing now 17 years ago.

I know it is not a scary story but I felt it was worth putting on this web page. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Steve, Victoria, Australia
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