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Visit From A Friend

Michelle, Georgia, USA
March 1999

Hi, I'm Michelle. My first experience was the day of the accident. I had a "feeling" something was wrong, but couldn't exactly tell what it was. So I went about my business, then a felt a chill, and my immediate thought was "Jay" something is wrong with Jay. I knew he was dead. I don't know how, or why or what happened to him, just knew he was gone. I shrugged it off, cause I thought I was just paranoid. So I went to bed, not thinking of it.

The next morning around 10:30 or 11:00, I get a phone call of another friend, saying that Jay was killed the night before. Okay that Night after he had died, I hadn't told anyone that I felt "funny" and had "feelings" of something. What I did was talk out loud to myself, telling Jay to make me know he was alright, not hurting, etc. I had told him, that if he heard me, to make it snow, ( i lived in Germany at the time) the next day we had flurries of snow. Nothing that accumulated, but I took it as a sign that he heard me. From that day on I had either talk to him in my mind, or out loud (if i was alone).

I also had "feelings" of Jay being with me when I was in the hospital. The Dr's had thought I had a brain aneurysm (I had some seizures and wouldn't wake up) I didn't see him, however I felt him sitting next to me and holding my hand. I could also smell his Cologne he wore.

If anyone has any of the same or similar experiences or can tell me that I am totally nuts and that I was just dreaming during the coma, let me know what you think, cause I still have these "feelings" with Jay when I am in need of some comfort or just need a friend. I never see him, nor do I hear him. But I feel his presence and I know he is there watching me.

I remember when my dog, Ginger was sick, I don't know how I knew this but I knew she was going to die, or at least I knew she couldn't stay much longer. I told Jay to take care of her if she couldn't stand the pain any longer, but I didn't want him to take her yet, I wanted another day with her, the next day she wasn't any better, so mom and me took her to the vet, where she died in my arms in the waiting room. I know now that she is with Jay and he is taking care of her for me, like he promised.

Michelle, Georgia, USA
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