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Visit From Dad

Nicholas Rios, Houston, Texas, USA
March 1999

Well first off I must say this isn't actually a ghost story but a series of strange dreams.This happened to my dad and I can remember him telling me this story many times.

My dad and his dad were very close, almost one soul you can say, kind of the way him and I are now. When my grandfather died, they separated in this world, but still contacted each other in dream form.

My dad would be at outside in his dreams and my Grandfather would come to him, in the suit he was buried in, looking healthy as ever. He would ask my dad how he was doing, if he was ok and how I was, all the normal things you talk about with your dad. This happened every night for at least a month, until one night my dad was at work (dreaming) and his dad showed up next to him and the conversation went like this:

"Hey son, how are u doing?"
"Well I'm ok dad and you?"
" Well son, I got some bad news.."
"What is it dad?"
"Well I gotta go, and I don't think I'm going to be able to come around anymore son."
"Why not dad?" and then he woke up, covered in tears. After that he never dreamed my grandpa again.. He says he still dreams of him every now and then but he can never see his face like before....

Thanks for reading.

Nicholas Rios, Houston, Texas, USA
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