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Visit From The Dead

Stacey, MI, USA
February 2007

This is a true story that happened to my mother when I was about two years old.She has asked me not to mention her name or the names of the people involved so the names you'll see are not the real ones.

Anyway, on with the story.........

One night when my mom was at home, she got a phone call from her friend, Ellie in a panic. Ellie was telling her that she and her friend, Jade had gotten a Ouija board and someone or something was talking to them. She said that it was really starting to scare them and that my mom should get down there as fast as she could. So, my mom made sure my dad would watch me and she went there to see what was going on.

Well, a while before that their friend, Laina Evans had been killed in a car accident. This was what they thought might be trying to contact them. So, my mom got there and the two girls were totally freaked out and really scared. All three watched as the board spelled out things like, "My name is Laina." "Dig me up, Dig me up" "My brithday is **********" And other things like that. It was too weird. They knew it wasn't their friend Laina, because it was getting things wrong. But it kept saying to "Come dig my body up, come dig my body up" The friends took the Ouija board and got rid of it. That was by far the scariest thing that had happened to my mom. That was until I started getting older, and some weird things started happening around our house. But that's another story that I'll save for another time.

Sorry this one was so vague- ish. I couldn't remember it all that well, and my mom didn't care to share all the details. Mainly because she was asleep.

Stacey, MI, USA
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