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Visit From The Past

Charlene, Oregon, USA
February 2001

When I was nine years old, my family lived in a small town called Moro, population 320. The house we lived in was very small. A two bedroom one bathroom house, and five people had to share this small space. It was my two sisters and I, my mom, and my dad. It was very crowded; it seemed like there wasn't even room to breathe.

My parents decided it was time to look for a new house to live in. We had been living in that house for about five years, but as my sisters and I grew (me being the youngest) we needed our own space.

In such a small town there wasn't very much options to choose from. So my Mom put a little letter in the post office saying,"House needed, four bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen" (well you get the idea, plus I don't really remember exactly what it said!) Anyway, a week or two later, a man called us. His name was John Jacobson. He said he had a house that he could rent out to us, that had all the requirements. He said it was about 6 miles out of town (in other words out in the Country!).

We went out to the house to check it out; he had already given us the key. We drove, what seemed to be hours at that time. The scenery was wheat fields all over. We even saw a couple of dear. But finally we came to a big white house, with a garage. There was even a big red barn, and a lot of pasture. I wanted to move in there already!

We all got out and scanned the place. We walked up to the front door, and put the key in. When we walked in, the house was huge! As you walk in the front door there was a room to your right, and a living room. Then there was stairs to your left that led to two rooms up stairs and an attic. Then downstairs there was another living room, kitchen, and the master bedroom. We were in love with the house already.

We moved in the next day. We got all settled in. It wasn't until three weeks after that, that weird things started to happen. Not really that obvious events, but that was just the beginning. It started with just little things like, objects being taken or placed somewhere totally bizarre. We would blame each other for doing these silly pranks. My sisters and I would get in trouble and get sent to our rooms.

My sisters and I would talk about this and we knew that we were not doing it.

We where getting kind of freaked out, but the most scariest, things were just beginning.

We would here funny noises, like banging at night, and even during the day. By this time my sisters and I where really scared. We would tell our parents, but they said we were silly and it probably was our imaginations, or just noises outside. But we knew that it wasn't that.

These things have been going on now for about two months. My sisters and I decided, to look in the old attic for any clues for why these events where happening. (Let me remind you that we haven't been in that attic before). There was a lot of old junk in there. We looked through all the old papers in the desks that were in there too. My oldest sister Stephanie came across an old picture album. So we walked out of the attic and went into Stephy's room. We all sat on the bed and looked through it. We saw a lot of old picture's of families, one person especially we saw a lot in these picture's was a man. On the back of the photo, it said Mr. Sade Jacobson. In one of the photos, it showed him in bed in a bedroom with all of (Well I'm assuming his family). We did not recognize the room he was in.

When John Jacobson came to our house to fix our water pipes, my sisters and I asked him about the photo. He looked at the photo and smiled. He told us that, that the man in the photo was his grandpa, he also said that the little boy on the foot of the bed was him. John himself looked very old. So the picture must have been really old! We asked where the picture was taken, he said in this house. We where all kind of puzzled for a sec, then he said that the house had been remodeled after his grandpa died. Right then and there we knew.

Then we started to tell him about all the scary things that have been happening. He laughed and assured us that the house was not haunted. Then he told us that he moved in this house after his grandpa had died and after it was remodeled, and that he never heard or saw any of this. Then John and our parents just started laughing, and said, "kids these days!"

That night we all heard banging, (my parents included!) for about a week we heard banging every night. My parents couldn't explain it, they just said that it was the trees hitting the roof. (They only said that so we wouldn't get scared) Anyway that stopped but then a week after that we would hear voices, we couldn't make out anything that the voice was saying. We where all very scared. My sisters and me would sleep with each other upstairs in Stephy's room. I never slept downstairs where my room was. It always was cold and that was where the voices would come from.

It was like the nights of all nights. My sisters and I where downstairs together watching TV and all of a sudden it felt like the room temperature dropped. It sent goose bumps all up and down our necks. We where so scared but couldn't move, or speak but just look at each other. Then we saw a black figure thing in front of us. We where so, so very scared but the figure just stayed there. This may sound crazy but somehow I cant really explain, we were not scared anymore it was like the ghost, spirit, whatever it was, was just trying to, well I really don't know to tell you the truth. It was like it was lonely and just wanted to be noticed, or something like that. After that it never appeared again. My sister and I never felt scared anymore.

We felt more at home. We never told anybody about this, (Well because people would think that we were crazy or lying) I'm 16 and to this day I'm still living in this house, My sisters have graduated already. Once in a great while he will appear, and every time he does I feel more special, because we were the only ones to see him.

Sorry this was so long I hope you enjoyed reading this, and thanks:)

Charlene, Oregon, USA
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