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Visitations In The Night

Chritsine Barber, FL, USA
March 2001

My house was only 1 year old when I moved into my room (my grandpa built it). My room was a very large one, built into a basement (it was originally a storage room and was rectangular in shape, and about 20 feet long). The downstairs portion was not completely underground, it was built into a hill, so some of the upstairs was level with the ground, and some of the downstairs as well, and of course my room was the one downstairs almost completely underground. It was large and open with not very much furniture in it for its size.

It was a crisp winter night and I had snuggled into my blankets and fell asleep like usual. In the middle of the night I awoke in a snap, just sat up completely awake for no apparent reason. I looked around for perhaps something that had roused me from my sleep, and at the foot of my bed a fine mist began to form, whisping from the floor. At first I thought I was dreaming and pinched myself, no wide awake and breathing and heart beating all like normal. I looked back at the mist, it was growing thicker, and taller at the foot of my bed. I still tried to be rational (never encountering the supernatural before). I told myself out loud, "Okay Christine, you are going to rub your eyes, clear your head and open your eyes back up and that silly thing will be all gone." I did just that, and I REALLY expected it to just be gone and all in my head. But there in front of me, a swirling mass of white mist in front of me - to my horror was beginning to take on human form. I squealed out loud and yanked my covers over my head. The bottoms of my feet felt ice cold, and my heart was racing. I was in a cold sweat. I felt a very strong presence now and began to shake. There was a slight tugging at the foot of my blankets, but I had them clutched tightly over my head. It did not seem to be threatened, but I was just terrified from the idea of an entity in my room.

My next encounter was some time after I had rearranged my room (about a year later). I now had tall pieces of furniture partitioning the back section where I slept and had one dresser, the front portion of my room was like my "living room".

One night I had gone to bed, just like any other day. I hopped right in, threw my blankets over me again and nestled in for a good night's sleep. Again, just as before I awoke for no reason, fully alert and awake. This time I did not jump up out of bed, but lay completely still with my back towards the rest of my sleeping area, my face in the corner (my bed was flush with the corner). I heard singing. A woman's singing. It was so soft and angelic, and soothing.

At first I thought it might have been my mom or something coming to sing to me while I slept (I was around 16 at the time, but just had wishful thinking my mom would do that I suppose). I smiled, the voice was beautiful (another reason why I was not sure if it was my mom...I had never heard her sing before). I began to turn over to see who it was. The smile fell from my face, as there was the disembodied head of a young man hovering over me. He was whitish, as if the moon was shining on his face, no colour what-so-ever, as if in black and white. He had a look of concern over his face, his forehead was furrowed, and he was talking. No sound was coming out of him, not a single thing, noise, or motion did he make. But he still seemed to be wanting to tell me something, and by the way he looked, it was very important.

My heart was racing and I had a feeling of panic come over me. He must have known that I could not hear him, because he started to yell now. He seemed very frustrated that he could not communicate with me and looked as if he were going to cry. It was then I realised, "Hey that singing is still going on...but its not coming from him, where is it?" It was coming from my right, and as I continued to roll over, I was shocked yet again (I guess I really did expect someone from my family to be there still singing to me). Sitting in my vanity chair (which I always kept tucked under my vanity, and was now pulled out and facing me at the edge of my bed) was a woman in a long, flowing gown (in that same black and white mode as the man was in). She had long (what appeared to be blonde) wavy hair. I could see her entire body, as she just sit there calmly in my chair. She was just singing away, words I did not or could not understand. She was looking so sweetly at me, but I was still afraid of what was going on. A million questions raced through my mind, "Who are they? What do they want? Why can't I hear them? Am I dead? Where'd they come from? Does anyone else know they're here? etc." I looked back to the man's head, it was still staring at me with a very concerned look and tears swelling up in his eyes and then rolling down his face. (I did not recognize either of these people, no one I ever knew died, I really had no explanation for it.) I wanted to hear what he had to say, but we both seemed to accept that we could not understand one another. The woman continued to sing, her voice loud as if she were there in front of me, and I remember being surprised that she did not wake anyone else up (my grandparent's room was directly above me, and they can tell when I talk on the phone at night). My eyes began to drop, as if the woman were now singing a lullaby. I had so many questions to ask them, I thought only if I could ask her some things (since I could hear her I thought she could hear me). But within that thought I felt my head softly laying on my pillow, my eyes blurring closed as I fought to keep them open, the figures disappearing from my sight as my eyelids fell. And just as quickly as I had awoke, I was asleep once again. When I woke the next morning to my alarm, I sprang up, expecting them to be there. The room was empty and still. I looked at the side of my bed, and there still sat the chair that was turned towards the bed.

Chritsine Barber, FL, USA
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