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Visitations or Manifestations?

Gerard Paul Kambeck, WA, Australia
November 2000

Firstly to cut a long story short I have always felt susceptible to foreign presences but I used to just put it down to an overly avid sense of imagination and a gift for acute imagery. I should be the biggest sceptic in the world having had a tertiary education in science, but as with most people who tend to enjoy pushing the barriers of the fringe I have an open mind.

Self validation in my mind depends also on the environment where the 'happening', the demeanour of persons additionally present, and the state of mind of the observer etc.

My first account has all the hallmarks of a cliched tale when I relate it to people, when the topic of 'ghosts' rears its head in cafe's and over the dining table but actually its one of the scarier experiences of mine, due to its subtlety.

I had just stepped off the Fremantle train from my brother's 21st birthday in Cottesloe. The station of my departure happened to be Karrakata (also the location of one of Perth's largest suburban cemeteries), the cemetery held no fear for me as I feel maliciousness and the residents of a cemetery, do not necessarily go hand in hand.

It was about 10 pm, quite a clear and enjoyable night for a walk to the local college pub in order to have an hour worth of beer. My anticipation at catching up with my college pals urged me to walk quicker and I circumnavigated the large plot of land which is the cemetery without mishap.

Along one side of the cemetery exists the rather expansive Hollywood bowling club, with its tall hedges bordering the footpath. I was thus startled when a small figure popped out in front of me from a gap in the hedge and proceeded at a steady pace ahead of me. I thought nothing much about him aside from thinking to myself what kind of parent would let their (7 year old?, I estimated) kid out and about at 10 pm, especially on a week night. I noticed that the young child had what looked like a leather satchel (old looking) on his back and seemed to be dressed in a school uniform consisting of shorts and a shirt and a unique looking beanie cap of alternating colours. I remember thinking at the time that it was the hat which unnerved me a little, for it gave me the impression as being part of the attire of a school kid from yesteryear, say circa 1940s or so.
We do have a few local private schools in the area but I couldn't remember them having worn this particular style of uniform.

The companionship of this little fellow was somehow comforting but at the same time I felt curious, puzzled and for whatever reason a little sad for the kid, at being alone at night obviously walking home in dark streets. I wasn't at that stage feeling frightened, rather I felt careful not to walk up too close behind him lest I should scare him, so I slowed my pace. I didn't notice it at first but when I slowed down it seemed the kid slowed down, so I started a little experiment for the street is quite long and it gave me some time to play with before I had to turn off.

I sped up my pace slightly and it seemed too that the kid did as well, I started getting a pang in my guts, the swirl of cool air tickling the nape of your neck when something isn't right, this kid was matching exactly my pace so that I couldn't get within 15 paces or so in reach of him. I came eventually to my turn off for the pub, and he just kept going straight, never looking right or left, just walking. I looked left down Monash Ave where I was heading and then looked back ahead of me and he was gone.

It was at this time that I really started to lose it and dropped the bundle. I ran to the pub but I still don't really know why, I mean the little guy didn't ever seem to want to cause harm. But I was pretty shook up, so much so that my friend at the pub who saw me as I came in looked at me weirdly and a little startled. And as cliched as it could get she said "s**t whats the matter? you are very pale and shaking like you have just seen a ghost!". Little did she know.

I have another account a lil bit more scary involving the same area but I shall wait till another time.

Gerard Paul Kambeck, WA, Australia
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