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Visited by a Spirit

Shay N., Louisiana, USA
October 1998

In 1990 my husband, myself and our 1 year old daughter rented a house in a small town in LA. It was the most adorable little house with big front and back yards. The house was built in the 1930's but was still in very good condition. Just a little description here, the house was designed with open rooms meaning you could sit in the living room and see the dining room and the hallway. From the dining room windows you could see into the back bedroom windows. We never used that bedroom because it was always extremely cold in the Winter and hot in the Summer.

Back to the husband worked at night so my daughter and I were always home alone. I was always imagining prowlers and such and would stay up as late as I could, usually until my husband came in. I would always sit in my rocker in the living room where I could see the 3 dining rooms windows, the hall and the front door of course. Nothing really happened for a long time so I became more relaxed and even started going to bed earlier. Then things got interesting! I was in bed but not yet asleep and I heard someone coughing. The sound wasn't very loud, in fact, it seemed to be coming from far away. I thought nothing of it and went on to sleep. A few nights later I was in bed again and I heard a baby crying, it too seemed to be far away but gave me the creeps big time!! None of my neighbors had babies and the "crying" seemed pained like the child was hurting. Finally I did manage to sleep and thought nothing more of it...until...about a week later I was sitting in my rocker, it was late and the weather was bad! The rain was coming down in sheets, the electricity started blinking off and on so I went in search of candles and a flashlight, just in case of course. For some reason I felt compelled to look out the dining room windows which didn't make sense because it was always pitch black in the backyard and you could never see out at night I go, peeping out the windows and remember I told you that from those windows you can see the back bedroom windows only not at night. Well this night I could see and what I saw was terrifying!

As I looked out I "could" see the bedroom window and staring back at me was a small girl, she seemed to have her face pressed up against the window and one of her hands was on the window too.She looked to have dark circles under her eyes and seemed to be imploring, begging almost to be rescued for lack of a better word. Keep in mind that my daughter was a baby and we always kept that bedroom door shut! I went in there the next morning just to put my mind at ease but what I found rocked me to the core. There was a little hand print on the window, it wasn't there before and I could find no reasonable explanation! Up until this point I had never told my husband or anyone else what had been going on, I was afraid they would think I was a nut but, after my latest discovery I spoke up. I think doing this might have agitated the "presence"...activity increased. Not long after seeing the little girl I was again sitting in my rocker watching TV. I heard a noise in the dining room so I looked that my astonishment, the string that lowers and raises the blinds was swinging back and someone picked it up and just let it go...there was no wind and I couldn't come up with a reasonable explanation...about 5 minutes after the blind incident, I heard leaves rustling around at the front door, not a split second later the same sound only this time outside of the dining room windows, and like I said, there was NO wind, no explanation. I know these things don't seem scary to you but when you put the history of the house together with these happenings it puts a whole new light on things. It appears that years ago a couple with two children lived in the house, they had a little girl around the age of 5 and a boy around 1 year old. The couple were abusive to the children often locking them in the back bedroom for hours on end. One day the couple just moved, nobody ever heard from them again. The welfare department had been investigating the couple for child abuse because the neighbors were afraid for the children, it seems that my neighbors could always hear the baby crying like he was in pain and that the little girl always looked sad with dark circles under her eyes...Weird!!!At this point I'm not sure if the house was haunted by the children since I never found out what came of them but I do know something haunted that little house. The experiences I had there may not even seem scary to you but believe me when I say, I was scared to death...that is until...a lady claiming to be a witch called me and told me how to get rid of the "spirit", but that's another story...

Like I said, I was at my wits end about these visitations, not knowing what they were exactly and certainly not knowing what to do. Until the Witch called me and told me she knew what had been going in at my little house. She told me and I know this will sound idiotic but, she said to buy some lead fishing weights and beat them flat with a hammer. She went on to say that I should cut out the shape of crosses when the weights were flat, placing one above the bedroom door and one above each door leading to the outside. In addition, I was to recite the Lords Prayer while making 3 rounds through each and every room in the house. This didn't seem too scary until she told me that no matter what happens or what I may hear that I'm for no reason to stop until this process has been completed.

I bought the fishing weights, sitting on my fronts steps pounding away until those blasted things were flat. I then cut out the shape of 3 crosses, which wasn't an easy task with a pocket knife, my neighbors thought I was nuts!!! I convinced my husband to kneel and pray, pray, pray, while I got up the guts to follow through with this seemingly absurd task.

I made a circle in each room while reading the Lords prayer and shaking like a leaf!!! The entire episode didn't take very long but in my mind it seem to last for hours. I made laps through the house over and over while saying the prayer until I was exhausted. That didn't make sense because like I said, the house wasn't that big. The witch stressed over and over to me NOT to stop no matter what! Oddly, after making the first "round" I felt very tired, and wanted to sleep, but I continued until the task was complete.

Now you be asking yourself, "so what?" well, it was a big deal and I did hear something I can only describe as groans. Hubby didn't make them, he was praying that nothing out of the ordinary would happen. I never told him about the things I heard and even thinking back on it, I get goose bumps. Guess it's one of those "location" things, you just had to be there.

Nothing strange happened after that, any sightings, nothing audible or unearthly. I slept like a baby. Did I forget to mention that sometimes the crying and groaning was so loud "before" that my neighbors kept asking me what was going on so late at night?

Shay N., Louisiana, USA
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