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Visitors from Beyond

Melanie, Kansas, USA
July 2000

I had an experience a few years ago that my husband & I both witnessed. It all started one night while we were asleep and for no reason at all I just woke up in the middle of the night. When I looked up I noticed what looked like a giant swarm of bugs. I remember they looked like flies and were black. There had to be hundreds of them and they were hovering over my bed! I woke my husband up and was saying Look! Look! about that time they swirled in a circle, kind of like a tornado and flew out my bedroom window.

However, I didn't think to notice until the next morning that the window was closed! After that experience I noticed a lot of different things going on around the house but my husband, even though he witnessed the bedroom incident, doesn't believe in ghosts so he figured there had to be a reason for it all.

My husband went out of town one weekend and my lights would go off consistently. This really scared me because I couldn't keep them on so I called my mom and she told me to walk through my house and put oil on the windows and doorways and say a short prayer. I did this and now I haven't had any problems with things happening but I can still fell a presence in certain areas of my house. It's always in the same area of the house too! The most noticeable is of course, my bedroom.

I have also made comments in a stern but polite voice that this is my house now and that they were not welcome there but of course I know they are still there they just dont bother me physically.

Melanie, Kansas, USA
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