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Voice From...?

Victoria, Australia
January 2001

This story isn't exactly creepy..just disturbing.

One day my cousins were over and they asked me to make their doll a dress. So I went into my old room (which my grandparents use) seeing that it was empty I sat down at the sewing machine, as I started sewing the dress together, I saw something in the corner of my eye, it was wearing a beige dress but I didn't see the face because I was sitting down, I dismissed it as a shadow....But then as I turned back around I heard little girls voice softly call out 'Natalie'. I jumped up thinking my little cousin was speaking....but she wasn't there.

I'm not sure why she called out Natalie because no one in my house is named Natalie. She sounded friendly but I'm still a little reluctant to enter the room when I'm alone.

Victoria, Australia
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