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Voice In The Hall (2)

May 2004

I am a nurse. I worked the night shift in a small hospital in a suburb of a larger city in the southwest. To set the stage I will tell you that the Hospital itself was closing, so we had very few patients on the ward. There was one other nurse there with me (Greg) and our nurse techs (Vickie and Faith).

Now Greg was very rational person. He had gone to the Galley to get some coffee. After a while he returned to the nurse station where I was charting. Greg had this wide eyed expression on his face, then he ask me If I had heard that. I ask him "heard what?". Greg said that he was in the Galley heading into the lobby returning to the desk and he heard a Young woman say "Excuse me sir, can you help me?" I ask Greg if he were joking, because I am pretty gullable, and I wouldn't put it past him. He said no then asked me where Vickie and Faith were. I told him they were on their break and probably out smoking. I assured him that the patients had not made a peep and it certainly wasn't me as I had not moved.

I really kind of blew this off thinking Greg was trying to spook me, and then rattle my nerves for a couple of weeks, then fess up when I am on the verge of a break down, but that didn't happen. Greg never mentioned it again after that instance. He had asked Faith and Vickie if they had been in the lobby on their return to the ward. They both looked at him like he was crazy. Greg didn't go into why, other than he thought he heard something.

About Two weeks later, I was working the night shift with Faith. We had one patient on a 25 bed ward. Faith went on a break about 3am. I decided to reheat leftovers and have a break. I went to the Galley where the microwave was and proceeded to heat my food and obtain ice. After heating my food I turned the corner out of the Galley returning to the nurse station. Thats when I heard it "Miss, excuse me Miss. Can you help me?" I stopped dead in my tracks. At first I thought I was imagining things. I turned around and the lobby was empty. The only light was from the hall light coming off the ward. I shook my head thinking I was crazy, but I had this underlying sense of sorrow and felt like someone was crying. Not being rational at this moment, I simply said in my mind (the same way the voice had said) "You are not suppose to talk to me, you are dead. I can't help you. Find the light and go to heaven. (guess I watch too much tv.)." For those who were thinking Faith was behind this, she is from Nigeria with a very thick accent. This lady spoke English like any other American raised midwestern person.

I don't know what happened to that spirit. I never worked the night shift again. Not because I was afraid, but becasue I was switched to days due to staffing issues.

One month later the hospital closed. I understand later another Hospital in the area bought the building and turned it in to a psych hospital.
That should be interesting.

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