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Voices (2)

Meagan, AL, USA
March 2004

I really and truly believe that my house is haunted. I have lived in my house for 12 years. It had just been built when we moved in, I was five. I'm not the only one in my family that has heard voices and felt and seen things they couldn't explain.

It all started with my mom, I was thirteen when this happened.

My mom had been in our laundry room, washing clothes, her back was to the door. It was pretty early in the morning, my brothers and I were still asleep. She told me this a couple days later. She said she felt someone standing at the door of the laundry room and she thought it was me or one of my brothers. She didn't turn around and then she heard crying, "little boy crying", and she thought it was probably Cameron, (my youngest brother, who is about 10 right now) and he'd had a bad dream. So, she turned around and no one was there. She told me it gave her a sickening feeling in her stomach when she had heard the crying, it continued when she turned around. So she went into the dining room, (which is connected onto the laundry room, and the dining room and kitchen are connected too) to look for "Cameron", still no one as she entered the dining room, but the crying continued, sounding as if it was right in the room with her. She told me this freaked her out so bad that she ran to our bedrooms to see if we were still sleeping, and we were all in our beds asleep.

After my mom told me about all of this I thought she was crazy, or lying to me, but then my mom doesn't and hasn't ever lied to me. Then I started thinking back on how I have always felt someone in that laundry room and sometimes in my room.

I can't remember exactly what came next in our experiences. I remember one night I was dozing off in bed, (I like to sleep lying on my stomach, so that is how I was positioned that night) and I felt someone come right up to my ear, I felt the hot breath on the side of my face and I was awake then! But I didn't open my eyes because I was so scared, and I voice, a mans voice said very loudly in my ear "My Father!". I remember jumping up and looking around my room, frantically. No one, of course.

And then there were many nights when I would just settle into bed and I would hear this deep, heavy breathing right beside my bed. I could tell it was a man. I would get so upset, because that heavy breathing would keep my awake, I would yell, "Go away! I want to sleep!" I would even start praying, hoping me talking to God would make it leave, it never worked. So after this had been going on for several nights I called my brothers into my room to see if they could hear it. My oldest/younger brother is Devin, and he was about 10 at the time and then my youngest bother, Cameron was 9. They came in and was like "what's up?" I asked them if they could hear any breathing besides ours, so I was like "Lets hold our breath and see, then." So we did and, nope, they couldn't hear a thing but I could. HE, the ghost, I named him Fred, decided he had had enough fun and left the next night.

My mom took a very late shift at her job, so she would get in about two in the morning. She said one morning when she got home, we were all asleep, she went into the bathroom and started taking off her jewelry and she heard three people, men, having a conversation right outside the door. She said one of them would say something and then the other two would laugh, like they were telling jokes. She also said they were muffled and she couldn't make out what they were saying, like they were right outside the door but really, far away. Don't make sense. She said she stood there a little while listening to them and she finally got tired of them being there and told them to go away, and that she was tired and didn't want them there. They left.

I will always remember the time when I came home really late one night from baby sitting for this new family. When I got home no one was at the house, so I went inside and locked the doors. I guess I was about 16, this happened a year ago, and I was telling myself, "Everything will be alright, the ghosts are not going to bother you." Well, I went into the bathroom and shut the door. Wrong move. I was taking off my jewelry and I heard a little boy say, out in the hall, "Yes." It was as if he was answering me. I stood there for like it seemed, thirty minutes. I looked in the mirror and I was crying, I had started crying without even knowing it. I started crying louder and louder, hoping that HE would see how upset he made me and also so I could block HIM out if HE said something else. Didn't work. HE, Sam, started crying too. We sat there and cried for, I don't know, another thirty minutes probably, and I stopped. A minute later Sam stopped. I was thinking okay, this is really dumb, here I am a 16 year old and I can't leave my bathroom because I'm scared of some little boy ghost. So I decided it was time to call someone and get out of here, so I grabbed a weapon, hair spray, yes, very dumb, I know but it was all I had. So I opened the door ran out of the bathroom down the hall to the kitchen grabbed the phone and called my mom. I was hysterical while I was on the phone with her and she told me to calm down and repeat what I had just blubbered. See, she had thought that I had said "They touched me!" and she was thinking about the new people I was baby sitting for! I was like no. "the ghosts talked to me" My mom isn't afraid of the ghosts, they haven't given her any more bad feelings and so she told me to calm down and it would be okay, and to tell the ghosts to go away. I was fine after talking to her and Sam nor Fred bothered me for the rest of the night. They probably thought I'd have a heart attack.

Oh, there was also this one time when all three of of us, Devin, Cameron and I, heard Fred. We were standing in the hall. Me and my brothers like to act, and act out scenes from movies.

That day we were acting out a scene from Harry Potter. Cameron had just said his line and then a man, in my parents bedroom at the end of the hall, said one word. I knew exactly what he said right when he said it but then I looked over at Devin, (who is a nonbeliever in ghosts) his eyes were as big as quarters! I asked him, "Did you hear that?" He nodded his head yes and screamed and ran out of the hall, me and Cameron following, screaming because Devin was.

Devin will not admit that he heard something, now.

Cameron is very sensitive to the ghosts too. One day he came running in to my parents bedroom with a look of "I just saw a ghost" on his face. He told me and Devin he had been getting a bowl down from the cabinet, he saw the reflection of a man in the bowl standing behind him.
Then another time he was sitting at the kitchen table eating and he felt and saw a white streak of light go right by him, and he heard children laughing. Now, Cameron is a very quiet, keep to himself kind of boy and he doesn't lie, and the look on his face when those things happened to him was real terror.

To this day the ghosts are still in my house, and I feel them but they have not made themselves known in any other way, lately. I like too have the experiences because they are fun to tell but then again, Fred and Sam scare me.

Thank you for reading.

Be safe and remember, even though you can't see them, sometimes they are always there.

Meagan, AL, USA
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