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Waiting For You

September 2004

Hi, What you are about to hear is a true story. This is not a freaky story but more of a comforting story.

My mother's grandmother was taken to the hospital and was very ill. She was in an intensive care unit for close to a month before she passed away. There was a private room where family could go to wait while taking turns staying with my great grandmother. When someone was with her she would often look down towards the foot of her bed as if someone was there...only there was no one (that we could see!).

One day her grandson came down from away to see her as her time was drawing near. He was in the waiting room and knew everyone there except one person. This was an older man that he did not recognize. He asked his father about it later that night and he said there was nobody in that chair. There was no old man there. He asked what he looked like and he described the man. The man was my mothers grandfather who had died years before and was waiting for his wife to join him. He came to take her home.

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