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Walk In The Night

Sean Kiaha-Murray , TX, USA
November 2000

Iwas born in Hawaii and lived very close to the beach. When you think of Hawaii you probably think of paradise next to the sea, but if you've ever lived there you know it's a very mystical place.

One night some of my cousins and I decided to take a walk to the near by beach. It was very late around twelve or one-o-clock in the morning. The parents were asleep so we decided to sneak out.

We walked for about two minutes until we reached the woods that blocked the shoreline. There was a road that led to the beach, but we've taken the thick wooden path in the day and it was much faster. As we got deeper into the woods we started to hear noises. As we go deeper and deeper the noises became louder and louder. One of my cousins suggested to go back, but we just laughed at him and said it was the wind. Then the noises became more like the sound of a drum beat. As we got closer we could hear ancient Hawaiian chants with the rhythm of the drums.
Then as we reached the beach we saw what looked like ancient Hawaiian warriors marching to the sound. The ancient Hawaiian people were very war- like and hostile to outsiders. My cousins had heard stories of the marching warriors from our elders, but just laughed it off. They said if they ever saw you the spirits would chase you, and kill you if you were caught. By this time we were shaking in our slippers. We tried to find some where to hide, but it was to late they had seen us.

They started coming towards us and thats when we started running towards the street. They started gaining on us as these massive warriors had amazing speed. Then we finally reached the street the warriors stopped, and stared as we ran back to our house. We screamed as we entered the house which awakened our grandma. We told her what had happened and she explained to us that the beach was an ancient Hawaiian battle ground and the spirits were in a never ending battle. After that day I never went to the beach again late at night.

Sean Kiaha-Murray , TX, USA
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