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Nova Scotia, Canada
November 2000

On occasion I work the "Graveyard Shift" at the facility where I am employed. This is a psych geriatric unit where the clients are very elderly and demented. The shift runs from midnight until 8am and one staff is alone on the unit during coffee breaks.

On one particular day, at about 4am I was taking care of some duties, while my partner had left for her break. I was standing in the middle of a long corridor when I saw a thin, gray-haired gentleman, whom I thought I recognized, cross the hall and enter a lady's room. I felt no fear at this point, just the need to go and put him back to bed.

Upon investigation no one fitting his discription was in the area. Upon reflection I realized that the person I had seen was deceased and had been for some time.

No one else has had this experience and people tend to think I imagined it but ,believe me, I was wide awake.

Nova Scotia, Canada
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