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Walpole Island Evangelistic Centre and Area

Megan Williams, Canada
September 2003

For a while now strange things have been happening at my church that I go to. My friends and I have been hearing things in the second storey of the church, such as shuffling of feet on the floor when we would go sleep in the bedroom up there.

Our pastor, Joey Gilbert, even said he had seen a dark shadow in the hallway as he was counselling someone and no one else was to be there on that Wednesday night. Also, when we were having an all-nighter at our church my ex-boyfriend took me aside and said to look at the fence. I was wondering why he was telling me this so I asked him why and he said that the fence on the far side of the yard was the only one moving while the other ones were perfectly still on a windless night. He said he noticed it as he was entering the parking lot. I didn't know what to do so I told everyone to stay away from that area. Then that same night I was told that an old pastor's ghost was the one that was causing these activities. We are now calling this ghost the "Gilbert Ghost" until we find out further information about his death.

The location is also near the location of the old Balldoon settlement of where unusual activities were caused by a woman who was supposedly a witch. Many people have said that a bullet had come through the window of one of the top apartments and there would be no bullet shell or excess glass from the window anywhere, but only a perfectly small hole in the window was the only evidence they had. A few years ago, that old apartment was torn down because of these unexplained activities.

One more thing about the area is that there are undiscovered burial grounds of my native people on that island. Many houses are built over them and many of my friends there say that unusual things keep happening whenever they go into another room. Things like hearing footsteps in the hallways of their homes and sudden coldness in rooms. There is one road that people claim to have seen fires and heard drumming in the distance but as they arrive in that area the fires would vanish and the drumming would stop.

One person also has claimed to have an encounter with an old Indian warrior ghost and said that his face was bleeding and he had an evil look in his eyes. These activities can not be explained or whether the people were telling the truth or not. All I know is that at my church the shuffling of feet are still being heard as people try to sleep up in the second storey of the church.

Megan Williams, Canada
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