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Want To Communicate Through Me?

Kaylee, Maine, USA
August 2005

This actually happened a couple weeks ago, and I'm still freaked out by it. The night it happened was just a regular Thursday night, nothing special about it whatsoever. Since school has let out for the summer, I had a friend over to spend the night. We sat up in my room for a while talking and listening to music, then my friend asked, "Hey, I saw you have a Ouija board in your closet. Do you want to play?"
"Sure, I've never gotten it to work anyway," I replied. So I got up, took the Ouija board from my closet and set it up on the floor. We lit two candles and set one on each side of the board, then we shut off the light. My friend sat at one end and I sat at the other, and we each placed our fingers on the planchette. The first question we asked was, "Is anyone there?" and the planchette slowly made it's way to "yes". After that we asked a few more questions commonly asked by most Ouija players. It was fun until my friend started feeling pressure on her forearms, as if someone were gripping onto them. She was creeped out, but at the time I thought she was playing me because I wasn't feeling any pressure. So we switched places and continued to play. She then asked, "How did my Grandfather die?" After asking this she revealed to me that she didn't even know how he died. So we waited for the board to give us an answer.

After a while I began to feel the pressure on my arms, and thinking how it might just be the position at the board, I asked my friend if she still felt it, and she told me she did. After a few minutes I started to feel a jabbing pain in my right ankle. I looked up at my friend. "My right ankle hurts."
She nodded, "Mine too. Is it like a jabbing pain?"
I nodded, "Yes."
We just stared at each other for a moment and then looked back at the board as the planchette began to move in circles, but it wasn't really going anywhere in particular. My friend put her hand to her chest, "I'm feeling a shortness of breath, are you?"
I shook my head, "No, I'm not. Are you sure it's not anxiety?"
"No, it feels like my lungs are tightening up. Maybe I'm feeling what he felt when he died."
"I don't know, maybe."
"I have an idea! Maybe the spirit wants to communicate through me. Let's ask it!"
"Um, I don't think that's such a great idea..." But before I could stop her, she'd already asked it the question and the planchette was moving again.....and it stopped on 'yes'. That wasn't very comforting.
We were silent for a while, just waiting for the planchette to move again, and it moved to 'G'. I looked at her, "'G'what beginning with 'G' could have killed him?" She didn't answer, just continued staring at the board, her mouth pressed against her upraised right knee. So I glanced back down at the board and the planchette was now on 'U'. I didn't like where this was headed and told her so, yet she still remained silent. This wasn't normal for her, but I thought maybe she was just concentrating so I didn't bug her again until after the planchette had spelled out 'T', 'T', 'E', 'D'. I put it all together mentally because we're that smart we didn't bring paper and a pen to write everything down. "Gutted?" I looked up at her, a questioning look on my face and saw a patch of drool absorbing into the knee of her jeans. "Um, hun, you're drooling all over yourself..." She started laughing, and the tightness of worry that had been in my chest started to recede a bit, but I noticed she still hadn't looked up from the board or changed her position any. The only part of her that was moving were her fingers along with the planchette. Then all of a sudden she started making this weird sound that I really can't describe, it sounded kind of like she was sucking air in like she hadn't had it for about five minutes. I thought she was just joking around, trying to scare me, until I managed to contort my body enough to see her facial expression. Her eyes had rolled back into her head, her eye lids were twitching, and she hadn't stopped making that sound once. I was getting really freaked out, so I lifted her hands from the planchette (which they surprisingly came off from quite easily, as if they hadn't been touching it at all), placed my hand on her hairline and said her name while gently pushing her head back. She snapped out of it. "What happened?" She looked down at her knee and started laughing, "What is that?"
"You were drooling on yourself...I told you about ten minutes ago."
"I was not...I was? I don't remember anything. I blacked out...what did the board spell out?"
"Um...It said he was...gutted..."
She looked at me funny, then said, "Um, I just remembered how he died..."
"He had a heart attack..." (Later we found out that an autopsy had been performed on one of her grandfathers. Her mother told us this.)
"I think we should put the board away."
"No, I want to try it again, to see what happens. Please?"

I reluctantly agreed, stupid me.

We moved the board to my bed, and I placed a candle on my stereo, and was about to place the other one on my bookshelf when it blew out. I thought I might have blown it out by accident and set it back on my candle table, not thinking much of it. So we continued on with our session by the light of one candle. I asked how my grandmother died. The planchette moved to '2' then '1', and proceeded to spell out 'C', 'O', 'N', 'J', 'E', 'S', 'T' before it stopped. My friend looked at me, "What does that mean?"
"She died on August 21 of congestive heart failure."
Again we both looked at each other oddly, then she asked how her grandmother died. The planchette started moving, 'L', 'U', 'N','G'...she started gasping for breath again, so I tried what I'd done before only this time it didn't work. Terrified, not knowing what else to do, I placed her hands back on the planchette, and she started falling backward, dragging the planchette off the board completely. She fell back against my pillows and smacked her head off the lamp next to my bed, and that brought her back. "What happened?"
"You did it again...kind of."
"Oh, I guess I did. I blacked out again."
"I really think we should"
"I don't. Want to see if it will talk through me?"
"Don't ask, it probably will."
"Sweet! Let's try!"
"No!" I grabbed the board and planchette and placed them on my lap. "I really think we should put this thing away..."
"Oh, come more time! Please?"
"N.B.. You didn't see what I saw. You don't know how scary it was, how scared I was! Please, let's just put it away."

She pretended to grab the board from me and put on a possessed sounding voice, "Give me the board, witch!" I laughed and so did she. Then she stopped suddenly, opened her mouth, and a voice, a whisper came from the back of her throat saying, "I'll hurt you..." but her lips were perfectly still the entire time.
Her eyes rolled back and her eye lids started twitching again. I said her name and reached out to her, hoping she would snap out of it. I was really getting freaked out, and I normally don't scare easily at all. "Amy," she said it quietly.

"Amy? What? What about Amy?" My best friend's name is Amy, I was really scared by this point.
She held my hand tightly. "Amy..." She said it tenderly.
"Yes, what about Amy?"
Her face contorted in rage, and her voice came out sounding like the possessed voice she'd used earlier only angrier. "AMY!!" She'd turned my hand over, and as she said this, she dug her nails into the back of my hand and scratched me down to my knuckles.
"What? Ow! You're hurting me! Stop! Snap out of it!"
She dropped my hand and came back blinking. She stared at me, "What just happened?"
"You just scratched my hand all to heck, that's what just happened!"
"WHAT?!" She jumped up off the bed and flicked the light on, then she inspected my hand. "! Yeah, I think we should definitely put this thing away now!"

Together we packed the board back into its box and stuffed it in the back of the closet. Before we closed the closet door she looked in the mirror. I noticed the scar she has under her right eye was red, when it usually is nothing but an indent in her skin, and it was standing out more prominently than usual. I told her this and her eyes grew wide, she slammed the closet door, and we spent the rest of the evening downstairs.

Nothing out of the usual has happened since then, but I have yet to touch the Ouija board again. People may think that she was just playing with me, but there were times when she was goofing around about it that night too, and she couldn't keep it up for 30 seconds without cracking a smile, and she's also not the type of person who would scratch someone like that for a joke. (Two weeks later and the scratches are still there, they're a bit harder to see now.) I think I'm going to keep my distance from Ouija boards for a while.

And...I hope no one else repeats our stupid mistake. Never ask a spirit to communicate through you, because you never know what could happen.

Kaylee, Maine, USA
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