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War Ghost

Chanel Forbes, Victoria, Australia
December 2010

I began working in an old building recently that had been renovated and made new a few years back. I work shift work so on a night shift, there is hardly anyone in the office.

A few weeks ago, I went down to the basement to archive some files and I heard breathing not far from where I was standing. I turned around and saw in the door way to the hall where the elevators are located, a grey figure of a man who looked like he was over a hundred years old.

I instantly freaked out and began to scream. As I ran into the elevator area I tripped and fell to the ground, skinning my knee on the hard concrete floor. When I lifted my head from the cold ground to stand up, the ghost was right in front of me.

Not knowing what to do or say I stood there and the bullet holes in his chest began to bleed onto my hands which were shaking with fear. I hoisted myself to my feet and ran through him towards the door. Running through a ghost is like running through a really icy waterfall.

I ran into the elevator and back to the room in which I was working. I looked at my hands where the Ghost had bled on them and there was no blood at all.

After one of my colleagues noticed that I had been crying and shaking, I explained what I thought had happened and he said that a few year ago when they renovated, they knocked down one of the walls in the basement to make a bigger room for the files and they found a skeleton in the wall dressed in a war veteran uniform.

Chanel Forbes, Victoria, Australia
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