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Warned of an Untimely Death

Beth, Smithtown, NY, USA
March 1998

In the summer of 1997 my friend, Joe, and I had attended a surprise birthday party for a friend of his. At the party we spent most of the day hanging out with his friend's daughter and her boyfriend, Jay. I went home early from the party and my fiance and I went to sleep early since he had to work the next day. Problem was, I couldn't sleep. At about 2am I went into the living room to watch TV by myself. My three cats fell asleep beside me which was a comfort. At around 3am I was sort of dozing on the sofa and the only light in the room was from the television. I also had the volume turned relatively low so as not to make too much noise. It was actually pretty serene. All of a sudden the television shut off by itself. I thought maybe one of the cats had stepped on the remote but when I looked, they were all still soundly asleep. I got severe chills. After about 5 seconds or so the television popped back on to a channel that had no programming that night. Not the channel I had been watching. Just as I reached for the remote a face popped on the screen of a boy with bright red eyes. No expression at all but very eerie. The face just seemed to float on the screen over a black background. Now I was really freaking out but too afraid to move. I gained my composure after a few seconds and quickly changed the channel. When I switched it back there was an ad for whatever would be broadcast later in the day. Scared out of my wits, I flipped off the TV and darted to my bed as fast as I could, even though it's only about 20 from where I had been sitting.

Later, after I had woken up from a restless night's sleep, my friend Joe called up to say that Jay, the kid from the party had died from a drug overdose sometime in the middle of the night. I had absolutely no idea what to think. Was the boy on the TV screen telling me that ahead of time? Why was I unable to sleep when I don't usually have any trouble at all? Was it all just coincidence? To this day I have no explanation but I remember the "screen face" as clearly as if I'd just seen it yesterday.

Beth, Smithtown, NY, USA
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