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Victoria, Australia
March 2006

Well this is a short story about my experiences and however small they may seem it is because this story is a warning for those who think ghosts are a bunch of lies. Just because these are not huge or anything doesn't make them any less real.

My first experience happened about two years ago. At the time I went often to AMF bowling and my favourite thing to do was to hang around after and play the games. So I had quite a few tickets as you would guess. One afternoon I came home and put my newly won tickets on my desk a few inches away from the edge. I then sat down on my bed and took out my walkman. After a little while I got thirsty so I got up and grabbed a drink. When I came back and put my drink on my desk I noticed that the area around my desk was colder than the rest of my room. Slightly unnerved I went back to listening to my walkman only this time I kept casting wary glances at my desk. After a while I forgot the incident and went to get up when the AMF tickets suddenly jumped off my desk (slinky style) and landed, perfectly stacked on the floor!

Ever since then I have noticed many ghostly presences. Our house has three that I know of. One ghost hangs around the bathroom. A couple of times when I have been showering and the door has been securely closed the door will be flung open. Other times when in the shower I feel something cold against my back (now that freaks me out). Another I know is usually only around at night and it normally stays in the kitchen/dining room. At night when laying in bed trying to sleep I hear footsteps. The footsteps sound remarkably like an adult walking barefoot on the slate. At times I mistake them for that of my parents but when I get up and check there is no one there. Also at night I hear the dishes being moved around. Once I checked to see if one of the plates had slipped and clanked onto a mug or something but I notices that a few of the things had been put back in the sink.

And the last one is the most obvious to me.

They hang around in my doorway as if waiting for something. At night I when I get up to get a drink I feel it. Sometimes I feel it's gaze on me. But at times I see it. A constant area that appears slightly fuzzy, always just that bit darker than the rest of the house.

So for those of you who think ghosts are a load of squat think about those small things. Because they are always the most obvious. Whether you are looking after a kid brother or a niece or even your own child and they tell you that they see someone who is not there do NOT dismiss it as their imaginations...THINK! Watch them carefully for you may just notice them acting strangely or even looking at a certain spot with unusual interest. And remember you're never to old to believe in ghosts.

Victoria, Australia
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