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Warwick Castle

October 2003

Upon the Castle ghost creep and haunt, send curses upon people who are innocent. It might happen to you!

This story I am about to tell you was when I was 9, now 11. It all starts out in Birmingham, England at Warwick Castle.

I was with 5 other people, my sister (Morgan 11), two cousins (Liam, and Patrick - 5 and 10), Liam and Patrick's Dad and nanny (Mick and Camile) who were 46 and 25.

Once we arrived at the Castle, we got a map for the place. It was like a museum, but a real castle. It was huge, probably about 250 acres.

So then we went through the gate to the castle. We looked around and got to the prison. I couldn't believe it, you can actually go in it, and get locked in!

We all then started to get hungry. So we went to the place called the kitchen. We all had fish and chips.

Once we left the kitchen we went to the Bastion. I was so exited, matter of fact we all were, because there we can see all of the Castle.

We reached the Bastion, I looked up it was so high up! I walked in through the entrance, the steps were so steep. I was in front of all of the people who were with me. So I took the first step, I almost stumbled backwards onto Patrick, thankfuly he pushed me back up. There were at least 500 steps. Finally, we reached the top. There were a few people up there, like 10 people.

I went to the edge of the Bastion and looked down and closed my eyes, because I thought I was going to fall. Someone gave me a little push. Thats when I thought I was really going to fall. Luckily I caught myself. I turned around and no one was there, only the other people in my group sneaking down the stairs of the Bastion, they said they were going to wait for me down at the bottom of the Bastion.

I decided to stay up there a while, well because I've never been at the top of a Bastion. Then I felt cold even thought I had a warm, hot, winter jacket on. There was a creepy feeling crawling up my back. I had the chills. I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could, I turned to the stairs. I ran to them. I stopped, there was a person. Wait not a person, it couldn't have been.

"G....g...g...ghost!" I yelled.

The ghost walked closer to me, and closer. Now I was able to see through better than I could before. It was a man, it looked like a soldier, with ragged clothing with a sword. He had bloodshot eyes! I started to cry. I thought I was going to die, because he pointed his sword right at me! He whispered."Suffer the pain like I did, don't be afraid little girl."
"P....p....please don't hurt me I whispered in a crying voice.
Right then everyone, came running up. The ghost disappeared, once they came up.
My eyes were wide open. They asked me what was wrong. and I said "Warwick Castle."

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