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Was He Really There?

QLD, Australia
June 2005

In 2004 my mate, his dog and I were all out pig shooting at a property called 'Bushy Park', which is about 120km from the nearest town. It's a very isolated and mysterious place in which I have been told many unusual stories about, in particular sightings of ghosts.

Savanna the dog had fallen asleep in the back, we were having a pretty slack night and we were thinking about heading back home, but before we did we decided to suss out a small track that lead of the seemingly endless dirt track. It was around 2:00am, overcast and very dark, I have serious doubts that anyone but my mate and I were out there. However, as we slowly drove up the narrow dirt track we decided to pull up for a drink, so we turned the car off and its lights. The only light visible was from my mate's smoke, when all of a sudden Savanna started growling at something. Thinking it might finally be a pig, we turned the car on, then the lights, only to give us a shocking fright to see a man dressed in a suit, standing about 10 meters in front of us on the left side of the road. He was smiling and staring at something on the other side of the track, we decided to drive up and ask if he was alright.

We pulled up beside him and asked if everything was alright, he said "I'm fine, forget it, just like me". He continued to stare of into the distance without moving an inch. We asked if he needed a lift back into town, he replied "I'm fine, forget it, just like me".

We decided to just go, so we drove about 15 meters, before my mate said, "Nah, somethings up, lets go back and see what he's doing out here". So we did a three-point turn and when the headlights faced back on the road, he was gone, and where he was standing was a small cross which read "Here lies the man that god forgot".

Terrified, we left without a second thought, and didn't stop till we got home.

The next day we decided to go back (during the day) and see if what we saw was really there. We searched for a good 3 hours out there but could not find the track anywhere! Was he really there? What was the saying on the cross supposed to mean, "Here lies the man that god forgot?" Seems to relate how he told us, "Forget it, I'm fine, just like me"?

Bushy Park is a very strange place and I have a few more stories from other people who have had similar experiences out there if you would like to hear them.

QLD, Australia
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