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Was It A Ghost? (1)

Anywien Tir'ein, QLD, Australia
December 2004

Well, I'm currently staying in a house in Tasmania which is 164 years old, and as far as I know, has no record of being haunted. Anyway, several weeks ago, my dad was interstate on business, and I was home by myself. I was talking with a friend on the phone, and the TV was on beside me, though it was muted. Halfway through my phone conversation, the TV unmuted itself, and the volume was loud enough for my friend to hear it over on her side of the phone (It had only been very quiet before I put it on mute). The remote control was nowhere near me, and I was the only one home. I passed it off as something wrong with the TV, but later on that day, the room was really cold, even though the sun was shining through the window. I was watching a movie, when all of a sudden, it lost all sound. Again, the remote was nowhere near me, and when I rewound the movie and played it from before it had lost the sound, there was still nothing. Eventually, the sound came back, but I was still a little paranoid.

Even later still, I was playing the Playstation, when the sound went off yet again. I don't really remember the temperature of the room during all of this, but it was still getting a bit spooky, as my TV had never done anything like this before. After a few minutes of playing the game without sound, the sound came back again, louder than it had been before.This continued for the rest of the day until my dad came home, and he has never experienced anything like it since. I have absolutely no idea what it was, but even now I see things moving out of the corner of my eye, only to turn around and find that nothing is there.

Another little incident I had was at another house in Tasmania, which wasn't so old (About four years). Anyway, I was at home by myself - dad was interstate again - and the whole house was silent -it was about 10 pm, so I couldn't have music on, in case of complaints. Then, I heard a light switch being flicked -They had a distinctive sound in that house, and it couldn't have been anything else. Here, it's important to know that this house was a two storey, and any time somebody walked on the storey that my room was on, you could hear the walls creaking and the echo on the floor. The walls wouldn't creak at any other time, unless somebody was walking across them. I heard the walls creaking, and thought that my dad was home early. I went out to investigate, but as far as I could see, none of the lights had been turned off - I had them all on to make it look like more people were home. My dad wasn't home, and there was nothing disturbed in the whole house. All the doors and windows were still locked, and my dad's car was still parked out the front where he always left it. My dad called about an hour later saying he wouldn't be home until the next day. I was completely alone, so what were the footsteps and the light switch noise from?

Anywien Tir'ein, QLD, Australia
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