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Was It Real? (1)

Aires, Nevada, USA
January 1999

When I was 8 I moved into a large 4 bedroom house high on a hill in my town...Very beautiful, great view etc...Anyways, the first night I was there, I refused to sleep in my room..Something was very out of the ordinary..Or should I say, someone was out of the ordinary..I talked about a little girl named Diana, who had died on a wagon train trip through our town. She would come to me in dreams telling me of her life up until her death. That was only ONE of the many many encounters I was to have over the years...

One of the next ones I can remember, is where I had a beloved cat named Milo, whom I had found as a stray..He died very horribly, and the night of his death, I felt a presence on my chest..That's where he loved to sleep. Do animals have souls? Do they come back as we humans sometimes do?

There were no sightings, or anything like that for about three years..Then one night I awoke to find a tall man standing in my room...He called himself Rolan..He spoke in a calm voice, but his lips did not move. I tried to speak to him, not remembering now what I had tried to say, and he faded into the darkness of my bedroom..That encounter scared me out of my wits, I stayed under my covers the rest of the night..Well, I started getting into occult things, and had made a homemade Ouija board. And as I advise never EVER use one by yourself. I contacted a spirit whose name was supposedly "Mae." I asked how many spirits were in my household. A total of 17. Amazing, I thought, no way could a household have that many ghosts. But it did.

One night my best friend, my brother, and I were playing with my Ouija board, being little fools as always. And the very weird thing is, Mae would not have anything to do with my best friend. She called her a b*tch, a rug muncher (lesbian) and so on. My friend (Melissa) stood up to do something, and as she did was thrown to the floor by some very powerful force. She regained her strength and stood up only to find scratches all over her arms and legs..That was the last encounter with that Ouija board.

The last encounter before I moved out was one that was very real, and very scary..It was a school night, and I was trying to fall asleep for the next day. All of the sudden I felt a heavy presence on my bed. I looked up and saw nothing, but looked over my bed and saw indentations where legs would have been, as if someone was sitting on top of me..I stopped my breathing, and felt a very hot breath on my neck and chin. I lay there praying for this entity to leave my presence or be struck down..Well surely enough it did leave, and never returned. And another weird thing, is the lights would go on and off, the t.v. would turn off when you were watching it, and the downstairs toilet would flush when no one was in there. Very Creepy!

Aires, Nevada, USA
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