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Was it The Mothman or a Demon?

Ramona Wooten, WV, USA
November 2006

First of all , I live close to the area of the Mothman sightings. It was a warm summer night the year of 1989 and my husband was going to be gone all all night on a coon hunt and I had plenty of time to kill, so I decided to visit with my sister-in-law for a while.
Her land joined mine but I drove there because it was dark out and I knew it would be late when I went home.

After I got there she told me she had been playing an Ouija board that night and it told her it was going kill her at 1.00 with an axe. We went on talking about more ghost stories and I was kind of scared to go home alone so I had my nephew go home with me to stay the night, he was about 12 years old.
After we got to my house we talked a while and I lay at one end of the couch while he lay at the other. I always slept on the couch when my husband was gone because I would hear footsteps and even feel the vibrations of them when he was away. If I slept in the bed, they were in the hallway. When I was on the couch they would be on the porch. I wasn't as scared if they were on the porch that's why I slept on the couch.
But my nephew didn't know any of this. So we slowed down on the talking and I drifted off to sleep. I just figured he did the same.The next thing I knew he jumped on top of my chest saying he heard someone was on the porch and then said, look at the time. I looked at the clock, It was 1.05am, my heart was pounding, he scared the wits out of me by jumping on top of me. I was used to the footsteps but I hadn't heard them this time. I told him to lay back down and that I heard them all of the time and no one was out there. Then he said "look in the window". The door had a window about six inches wide and two foot long. I looked at the window and saw a pair of blood red eyes looking in but I pretended not to see anything, hoping it was a trick of the light or some simple answer. He said "I know you can see that". So I got up and turned on the porch light and looked, trying to convince him it was a spider web or something. I said "I still don't see anything" but he didn't believe me. I said "you draw what you see and I'll draw what I see". We went to the kitchen table and both started drawing a picture in silence. When we were finished we compared them and the drawings were almost identical. Then we were really scared. I turned on the light again and it was gone, turned it off and it was back again. It had a grey face without a nose or mouth but you could tell it was a face with layers of wrinkles and blood red eyes. I was scared out of my wits and he was too.Then he wanted to go check on his mom because of what that Ouija board said about killing her at 1.00am. He had his hand on the back door and said "I'm not afraid of outside". I said "if you touch that doorknob I'll kill you, you ain't letting that thing in here, I don't care if her head is chopped off, you are not opening that door!". I didn't know what to do, so I got out my husbands .22 pistol out and sat there on the couch staring at that face which kept cocking it's head from side to side like it knew what I was doing.
My nephew finally fell asleep after a while. I got sleepy a couple times but was scared to go to sleep in fear my nephew would shoot me in his sleep because he had been known to sleep walk. I stayed awake until daylight and then it was gone. It was like it just faded away as daylight came.
Was it the Mothman? or a Demon that followed us home? I will never know what those blood red eyes wanted from me and I will never forget that face, nor will my nephew.
By the way, I have moved since then and I still feel and hear those footsteps sometimes. Some people don't believe this story but it is God's truth.

Ramona Wooten, WV, USA
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