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Was This My Friend

Leanne, NSW, Australia
June 2003

I am only a young girl (According to my mum lol) and at 16 I have yet to experience alot of things in life. Sadly, I did experience a death (my first one) early this year in February. A friend of mine died of Leukemia and it was a big shock, I couldn't understand why God took him, he was so young, he was nice...why didnt a disgusting pig murderer or rapist die??

It took me a long time to finally accept his passing but one day I was sleeping, woke up for no apparent reason and started crying. I was remembering the funeral, the procession and his life in general and I couldn't contain myself. So I prayed to God (I am the only fairly religious one in my family...) just to see if my friend's soul was truely at rest and to help me stop hurting.

Just as I was settling back into bed and calming myself I suddenly felt weak and tired and literally fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow. Again, I woke up suddenly for no reason and when in my bed, you face the to my door on the wall is a wall clock...I looked up to that and there was a giant white bubble there...not moving, or making any noise but it scared me ... so when my mum came to bed I told her but she could not see it, when she came in my room it went.

I eventually ignored it and went to sleep, although very scared. I was very careful in checking that it wasn't a reflection from outside and to my shock, the security light outside was actually switched off (the sensor lights that turn on with movement) and it is usually left on to pick up movement, but tonight it was off at the point.

The next night, as I settled into bed, I turned off my light and looked up to the ceiling from my bed. As I did, I saw the same white bubble floating directly ABOVE my bed, right near my light fixture. Again I was scared and told my mum, and again she could not see it. But just as the previous night, I had prayed to God that my friend's soul be at rest and that he may look over me as an angel.

Now I did not really give this "Cloud" a second thought as it did not re-appear, but a few weeks ago I was watching a television show and a young boy died of Leukemia on the show. This obviously affected me and I started to cry. As I went to go into my room, I shut my door and crawled into bed. (the light was off) I fell asleep almost instantaneously but suddenly about 30 minutes later, I was awoken for no reason. As I lifted my head, my eye caught sight of my clock, and again the cloud was there. This time, however, it was bigger, darker and longer...and although I was scared the first few times I saw it, I was absolutely TERRIFIED this time. I literally ran out of my room and downstairs to tell my mum (who has natural psychic powers from her dad). She told me it was important to talk to it, but I was just too scared.

To this day, I can still remember it and I do regret not talking to it. But what I truely regret was not telling my friend I had feelings for him before and letting him know how much he truely meant to me. I honestly believe it was him coming down to let me know he is ok, that he is at rest and that he is always watching over me...Well thats what I would like to believe anywayz.

Thank you very much for reading my story and allowing me to share my feelings with you all.

Leanne, NSW, Australia
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