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Watcher & Follower

Kate, PA, USA
October 2004

Hello there, I would like to share with you two different events that could have happened with the very same entity. I say the same entity because I do not know if it is a different entity. Here is my first experience with the entity that I have named, just for the sake of having something to call it, "Follower."


When I was about three I moved from a small town in Georgia to another small town called Wilcox in Pennsylvania, USA. It was my mom, my father and I. We needed a large home to fit my parents' large oak and cedar furniture, what we found was a two-story, excluding the attic and basement home that was a peach color and had at least an acre of land surrounding it, with a now dilapidated deep red barn and a now absent tool shed.

The inside of the house contained white plaster walls, large rooms, the usual old house smell and a crowded basement with a dusty attic with nails that needed to be badly sawed off as the tips protruded from the ceiling, presenting the possibility for a nasty little puncture wound.

A nice small neighborhood with lots of kids surrounded my childhood home that was all enclosed within the Allegany Mountains of western Pennsylvania.

When I first entered the house with my parents and our landlord I distinctly remember wrinkling my nose at the smell of paper mill pulp and musty house smell, but I also noticed something else that I passed off as being nerves; I had noticed that there was an odd feeling, like something was there, something was not right and hadn't been write for a long time.

My first experiences where when I was about four and five, I would hear someone walking up and down the steps just outside my room. The staircase to get up stairs was only three feet from my room door. Sometimes the entity would even be so bold as to rattle the doorknobs on my parents' and my rooms. At first it scared me so bad that I would have a fear of sleeping alone, so I would sleep in my parents' rooms, but as I got older the fear slowly ebbed away. My father got me a black lab when I was five; he thought that it would be a good companion and protector for my friends, and me, as we would get into some element of trouble. I had named her Effy and she stayed with me always, she slept in my room and followed me around like a shadow. Sometimes, though, she would wake up at night and let out little growls and sometimes whines, this would wake me up and immediately after these times I would become overwhelmed with a fear of something.

At one point during my childhood I swore I saw a large black shape, that I thought at the time was a bird, fly right past me, moments later my dog came tearing down the hallway and stopped at the door and growled until I told my babysitter what I had seen.

As I began to reach the age where my mom (parents divorced when I was 7) would let me stay after dark at my friend's homes and then walk back to my house, it seemed that "Follower", well followed me.

I began to feel as though I was being followed at night and what ever it was, was waiting just outside of the light. Once I thought I had caught a glimpse of an all too solid shadow flit behind a car, needless to say I booked it back to my home.

It also seemed, as I got older the feelings that would let me know that I am not alone would intensify, when at my home I was constantly plagued with the feelings and they got so intense at some points that it felt as though "Follower" was watching from the darkened staircase or the hall, thus I would have every light on in whatever room I was in, same with the floor. My mom found this odd, but she never pressed it, I think that she felt "Follower" too. One of the last feelings that I got was when I had to walk through a dark hall it would feel like there was something right behind me, and the darkness was trying to swallow me up and suffocate me.

My dog also had a chronic fear of the basement and attic; she would often whine and growl, even bark at an unknown thing down there. I have recently moved to Hemlock Farms, Pennsylvania and "Follower" has kept up his haunting duty of following me like an unseen but ever known shadow. It seems to have become less intense but I know it is still there.


I had mentioned above that I moved recently and "Follower" came with. I also think that there is another entity in my new home. The feelings from "Follower" have decreased, yet they are still there, but I also feel something different, for the first time in my life I feel at home in my home and neighborhood.

From the moment I came into the community I said that I felt like I belonged here and the creepy feelings of walking at night are gone, for the most part, but there is something there. I know because I can feel it watching me and keeping me safe, it feels like I am warm inside and loved, almost like someone wrapped a soft warm blanket around your insides. Sometimes I see shadows looking at me but I never feel scared, only at home and at peace with everything. I called this one "Watcher", again for the sheer purpose of calling it something. I think it may be the same entity because I feel the same feelings of unease sometimes, only slightly different, like they are not meant to make me feel that way. Because of "Followers" lessened creepy feeling transmissions I think that he maybe found a friend in "Watcher" on the other side and has some peace, but then again that is just my theory maybe it is my second one? Sometimes I think that "Watcher" and "Follower" are my guardians (I have no religion so I do not call them angels), but are guardians supposed to make you feel so uneasy and loved at the same time?

Kate, PA, USA
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