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Als, North Dakota, USA
November 1997

My story may not be too terrific, and there might very well be a logical explanation for it. If there is, I can't find it, and my "experience" scared the crap out of me.

I was in the bathroom washing my hands one day. I had the door open, and my black labrador was stretched in front of the doorway. Out of nowhere, there was quite suddenly a very, ultra loud knocking on the door leading to the guest bedroom of my home. The dog jumped up, and I ran out of the bathroom. The door, which had been securely latched, was now standing wide open. I called my little brother upstairs, and neither of us were able to come up with anything un-paranormal to explain it. We stayed together the rest of the day (so we're wosses? sue us!!).

I often get the feeling that there's someone around, watching me when I'm in the house; especially when I'm in the basement. I read a lot about ghosts, and my imagination has a tendency to run away with me, so whether or not anyone is "watching" me is questionable, but I know what happened.

Als, North Dakota, USA
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