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Watching Ghost Boy

August 2001

It was the summer and I was around the age of 9. I had perfect eyesight and still have it now so I know that I didn't hallucinate the apparition.

I was up north staying at my Aunt's friends cottage with my cousin and her family. Anyways, one day I was on the swing down by the lake while my sister, cousin, and our friends were catching some frogs. As I went up on the swing I noticed an apparition of boy watching me. he had black, dirty hair, torn jeans and a black T-shirt on. I couldn't detail much more since I only saw him for the blink of an eye. I went higher on the swing so I didn't see him for a split second but as I swung back down, I looked to where he had been (right in front of me) and noticed that he was not there. I stopped the swing as soon as I could and stared at the ground, stunned. My sister came over to me and asked why my face was so pale and I told her what I had seen. She to, was totally freaked and called the others over...

Later on that day, we were on a boat heading over to an older friend's house. I was at the back of the boat looking around when I stared at the dock. There, again, I saw the young teenage boy watching me. I forced myself to shrug it off, saying it was all in my head. but while we were playing hide and seek at our friend's house about an hour later, I knew it wasn't. I was "it" and had found everybody but my sister. I looked behind one of several bushes and got the shock of my life as I saw the boy crouching a few feet away. He was kinda see-through. I screamed loudly and goose bumps ran up my spine.

At the sound of my scream, my sister came out of her hiding spot and asked me what happened. I yelled hysterically "can't you see him!! he's right there, crouching by the bush! Can't you see him! He's right there!" all they said was "there's nobody there."

We found out from someone, cant exactly remember who, that there had been two fatalities in a motorcycle accident around the area and a teenage boy had been involved. It's been about 6 years since then and its still the creepiest thing that has ever happened to me.

PS - I haven't seen him since but you know that feeling you get where you know you're being watched wherever you are? That's what I get sometimes, when I'm up there.

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