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We Had Visitors Last Night

Dianna, Melbourne, Australia
December 2005

While saying my nightly prayers 2 years ago, I decided to pray to my father (who passed away in January 1989). We were having a lot of conflict, arguing, and extreme unhappiness at home and between extended family members. My father used to be my sons main babysitter and they loved each others company, so I asked my father if it was possible for him to watch over my teenage son and come into his dreams to influence him in a positive way.

Around a week later to my surprise my son told me he was having trouble sleeping as a ghost had been visiting him over the last 3 nights and standing at his bedroom door. My son said he thought it was his Poppy as he used to call his grandfather, my son said the ghost is upset and angry and makes me feel frightened. Adam even described the clothes my father used to wear, which amazed me as he was only 4 when my father died. I assured my son if it was his grandfather he had nothing to fear as I had asked my dad to watch over him.

Later that week I woke and went into the kitchen to get a glass of water, it was a very hot night and fairly light. I was surprised to see a grey hovering cloud in between the kitchen cupboards; it was around 4x6 feet in size and transparent & swirly, similar in appearance to fairy floss/cotton candy. I stared into it thinking it was just my eyes trying to focus in the night but as I stared it looked like ghostly spirits floating and swirling together. I thought how strange why is it allowing me to see it and not disappearing or doesn't it realise I can see it. Then it suddenly faded away! I had the creeps and walked around the house praying because I was so scared. Even though it was a hot night 2 parts of the house felt very cold and gave me goose bumps (the back passage and front lounge room), I went back to bed and slept. In the morning I said to my son "we had visitors last night" he said "I know I woke up in the middle of the night and straight in front of me was a big grey cloud and one smaller one over near the door". Adam said "I reached out and punched and kicked at it as soon as he opened my eyes", demonstrating what he had done. I felt it was very strange that we both witnessed the same grey cloud-like spirits the same night, as the only thing I had said to Adam was "we had visitors last night" which could have meant I thought I saw your grandfather or something else. This is true and only one of many ghostly events throughout my life.

Dianna, Melbourne, Australia
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