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We Think She Left at 4.30 not 5.30

Ang, Vancouver, Canada
January 2007

My grandmother had a massive stroke in late August of this year and died in mid-September due to severe brain damage. This tragedy hit us like a speeding train as the events happened so quickly that we hardly had enough time to digest everything. My uncle called my house at around 6am that morning to inform us that the hospital had called to say that my grandma had passed. When we arrived at the hospital, the nurses told us that she had passed at around 5:30am. About a week after the funeral, my parents brought my grandfather groceries when he told them that he speculated my grandmother had died earlier than the hospital had indicated.
During the morning of her death, my grandfather had gotten up to use the bathroom at around 4:30am. When he returned to his bedroom, through the crack of his doorway he saw a figure dressed in what resembled my grandmother's pajamas crawl into bed the way she used to do. He thought, "Isn't she supposed to be in the hospital?" When he entered the room, the figure was gone and he crawled back into bed. He couldn't go back to sleep afterwards as the incident had fully woken him up. He was still in his bed thinking about the incident when the phone call came from the hospital. What was strange was that there was another incident at my aunt's (grandma's daughter) household at around 4:30am!

My aunt had woken up to hear my 5 year old cousin screaming from his bedroom. When she entered his room, he was evidently talking or rather screaming, "Grandma, don't go!" in his sleep. Thinking my cousin was having a bad dream, my aunt woke him up to calm him down. He told her that grandma was leaving and she came to say bye. Thinking it was his imagination, my aunt brushed it off. At that point, pretty much everyone in her house was up. Soon my mom called her about my grandma, and she too rushed to the hospital. Usually, either a relative or myself would spend the night at the hospital to keep an eye out, but for some reason no one stayed on this day.

The nurses who spoke with us said that there was "probably" a nurse by my grandma's side when she passed. That means, they're not entirely sure either. But if in fact she did pass at 4:30am, they we're glad that she found her way home.

My brother and I were still awake when we received the call that morning as he was playing video games and I had been up all night doing my paper. Sometimes we wonder if we would've seen our grandmother if we had been sleeping.

Thanks for reading.

Ang, Vancouver, Canada
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